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Contact Information
Office of International & Multicultural Affairs

Lenee Woodson
Santa Rita Hall 203
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973) 290-4227

Orientation and Arrival

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From the moment you arrive in the United States, we at the College of Saint Elizabeth want you to feel comfortable and cared for. We want you to get every possible benefit from your time with us.

The Office of International and Multicultural Affairs exists to help you enjoy and benefit fully from your time at the College of Saint Elizabeth.

What to Expect During Your First Week on Campus

International Orientation Peer Advisors

A team of students like you, but not new to the College of Saint Elizabeth. They will:

  • Meet you at Newark Airport (other airports are much farther from campus, and may be difficult to get to)
  • Welcome you to the dorms
  • Take you shopping
  • Guide you around campus
  • Help you choose classes
  • Be like older sisters or good friends: ready to help and to welcome you to CSE!

Introduction to Campus Services

  • The campus computer system
  • Academic support
  • The Academic Skills Center
  • Tutoring services (free)

Learn About Activities and Organizations

  • Student clubs
  • Athletic teams
  • Social events
  • Activities for international students

Informational Sessions

  • How to open a bank account
  • U.S. immigration regulations
  • Opportunities to work on campus

In addition...

  • Trips to local stores (to buy whatever you need but forgot to bring)
  • Answers to questions you may have

New International Student Orientation (Fall Semester)

Saturday - Arrival

  • We will meet you at Newark Liberty International Airport and bring you to campus.
  • On campus, you will have time to rest, eat, get settled in your room.

Sunday - Get to Know Each Other and the Local Area

  • Take time to meet others students, and to recover from jetlag. Tour the campus and the local area.
  • Eat, go shopping, review F-1 expectations and dorm life.

Monday - Placement Testing

  • Everyone will take placement tests in English and mathematics today.
  • Placement tests are used at most American colleges and universities to place all students in the proper classes.
  • After a day of testing, you will have an evening of fun!

Tuesday - Registration

  • CSE advisors and international students will be available to help you choose your classes for the fall semester.
  • We will again have fun for you during the evening.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - Orientation for All New Students

  • You will meet many American students who are also new to CSE.
  • There will be fun events, informative sessions, and interesting activities.

Saturday - Visit New York

  • Spend the day sightseeing in Manhattan with other international students.
  • The ESL Department and the Office of International and Multicultural Affairs will be your guides.
  • This outing is optional.

Forms You Need to Fill Out