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Meet the New College Chaplain Francois Diouf

Meet the New College Chaplain Francois Diouf


Morristown, N.J. (September 13, 2018) – Francois Diouf, '21, a Benedictine monk and priest who played professional soccer in Europe, felt he was fated to attend CSE. A native of Paris, France, Francois wanted to enroll in a psychology doctoral program to better understand those he served in the U.S. This led him to CSE.

"I was looking at several schools, but the professors at the College were so human and attentive," says Francois. "They were so available and open to meeting me as myself and not just as a potential student."

Despite speaking six languages, holding five advanced degrees in theology, philosophy and psychology and being an ordained priest, Francois never lets his accomplishments go to his head. In fact, he doesn't even like introducing himself as "Father" and prefers to engage with those he serves on a personal level.

"It's all about being human," says Francois, who is the College's new Chaplain. "It's my goal to make my students realize they are all stars and they can shine every day of their lives if they choose."

Francois really values CSE's fierce commitment to social justice and advocacy for the underprivileged. He believes it aligns with his own personal commitment to helping others. Prior to attending CSE, Francois spent years working to open multiple orphanages in West Africa, as well as a center for young girls who were unable to graduate from school.

"I firmly believe we all have a great capacity to flourish within us and I want to help others find their purpose," notes Francois. "For my students, seeing a monk and priest that looks just like them will be inspiring."

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