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From a Career in High Finance to a K-12 Classroom

From a Career in High Finance to a K-12 Classroom


Morristown, N.J. (September 5, 2018) – After traveling the world, studying at the London School of Economics, and mastering the realm of finance, Jessica Shaw (Bostwick), '19, is using CSE to transform her life.

"As my dreams and goals shifted, I found myself wanting to leave my current field," explains Jessica, who works for a digital advertising agency in the Financial District of Manhattan. "I decided that I wanted to begin a career in education."

To earn the credentials necessary for teaching, Jessica enrolled in CSE's Accelerated Certificate for Teaching (A.C.T. 1 program).

"CSE has made it convenient for me to pursue a new degree and change careers while still maintaining my job in finance," explains Jessica, whose mother also attended the College for her master's degree. "Studying here has given me access to the tools and resources I need in order to succeed in my future career."

Jessica's professional transition builds upon her extensive volunteer experience, which all involve helping children. In addition to hosting food drives and teaching children how to harvest, clean and cook vegetables, Jessica has built a playground in the Bronx and a school out of recycled bottles in Guatemala.

A passion for travel has led Jessica to explore several countries. She studied in Pretoria, South Africa and London, England and has visited France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. She even enjoyed an immersive safari in Northern Tanzania for her honeymoon.

"Experiences are so much more valuable than things," explains Jessica. "So, I try really hard to save money to travel and experience the world."

After completing her A.C.T. 1 program, Jessica plans to continue on at CSE to earn a master's in education with a certification in special education.

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