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WiFi - Instructions for Windows XP

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Important note: If you plan to use your laptop's wired (Ethernet) interface for network access in the dorms, we strongly recommend that you configure and activate the wired network interface first.

Basic Requirements for Successful Connection

  • These instructions are written for Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2, the recommended Windows Operating System (OS). Instructions will be similar for Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2.
  • Your computer must have a wireless network card.
  • To activate your laptop's wireless access you must be in an area of the CSE campus with wireless service.
  • You will need Your CSE Account username and password to log on to the network.

To Make Sure Your Laptop Meets Requirements

  1. Update your wireless card drivers. Many wireless network cards, even those in new laptops, require a driver update to work correctly and provide the best wireless network service.
  2. Go to Windows Update Page to download the latest software for your wireless card. You can also go to your laptop manufacturer's page and search for the drivers to your wireless card. You must be connected to the Internet with an Ethernet cable to download the software.
  3. After installation is complete, remove the Ethernet cable.
  4. Make sure you are currently in an area of the CSE campus with wireless network service.

To Configure and Enable the Wi-Fi Connection

  1. Click on Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Network Connections.
  2. The Network Connections window will open with a list of connections for your laptop. Under the heading LAN or High-Speed Internet you should see a Wi-Fi icon. If your Wi-Fi Connection is Disabled, right click on the icon and click on Enable (refer to Figure 1).

    Figure 1
  3. If the wireless card has already been Enabled, right-click on Wireless Network Connection and select Properties
  4. In the Wireless Network Connection Properties window, click on the Wireless Network tab (Figure 2)).

    Figure 2
  5. Click on the Add button to add a wireless network (Figure 3).

    Figure 3
  6. In the Wireless network properties window. Please enter these values (Figure 4):
    • Network Name (SSID): cse (case-sensitive)
    • Network Authentication: WPA2
    • Data Encryption: AES
    • Click on OK after you have entered all the values properly

    Figure 4

  7. You will return to the Wireless connection properties window where you see the cse wireless network added to your system. Please click on Properties. (Figure 5)

    Figure 5
  8. In the cse Properties window, click on Authentication Tab. Make sure configurations match Figure 6 and click on Properties.

    Figure 6
  9. In the Protected EAP Properties window, make sure that the settings match the following:
    • Trusted Rood Certification Authorities: DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA
    • Select the Authentication Method: Secured password (EAP-MCHAP v2)
    • Click on Configure

    Figure 7

  10. in the EAP MCHAP v2 properties window, make sure that Automatically use my Windows login name and password (and domain if any) is NOT CHECKED and click OK. (Figure 8)

    Figure 8
  11. Click OK to close the Protected EAP Properties Window
  12. Click OK to close the cse properties Window.
  13. Click OK to close the Wireless Network Connections Properties Window.
  14. A balloon will appear to the right of your screen in the system tray. Click on the balloon to enter your CSE Account information. (Figure 9)

    Figure 9
  15. A login window will appear. Enter Your CSE Account username and password and click OK (Figure 10)

    Figure 10
  16. SUCCESS! You can now browse the internet.

Need Help?

  • Students: You can bring your laptops to Henderson Hall 209 or call x4022. A Lab Aide will be available to assist you.
  • Faculty and Staff: Please contact the Help Desk at x4015 or for further assistance.

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