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Contact Information

Sister Mary Ellen Gleason

Mahoney Library, 2nd floor

Phone: (973) 290-4241


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Established in 1971 by Sister Hildegarde Marie Mahoney, third President, the College of Saint Elizabeth Archives holds records of historical, administrative, legal and fiscal value.

The records are accessible to researchers by appointment.


  • Sister Mary Ellen Gleason, Director of Archives

Student Assistants

  • Xuelian (Emma) Cai, '11
  • Myetani Chauke, '06
  • Tracy Cheung, '17
  • Yufeng Guan, '11
  • Marissa McMullen, '03
  • Su Mon, '09
  • Brittany Murphy, '10
  • Chang (Karissa) Xu, '16
  • Lizi (Annie) Yan, '14


  • Sister Beverly Ornes, S.C.
  • Ms. Patti D'Esmond, Seton Associate
  • Ms. Jennifer A. Hanselman '93

Former Staff

  • Sister Mary George Senderak, Special Assistant for Archives, 2003-2013
  • Sister Blanche Marie McEniry, Archivist and History Professor, 1971-1996