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Office of the Registrar

Marybeth Obrycki

Santa Rita Hall 218

Phone: (973) 290-4460

Hours of Operation:
M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm

Special Programs

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As a member of the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU), CSE students have the opportunity to register for online courses that are given by various regionally accredited colleges/universities who are members of the OCICU. These courses will be counted into the student's academic course load for that semester.

An undergraduate student taking 9 CSE credits and 3 credits through the OCICU will be considered full-time. When the course is complete a letter grade will be awarded and the grade will be entered on the CSE transcript and calculated into the student's GPA (grade point average).

Please note that spaces in classes are not guaranteed and it is best to register as early as allowed.

  • After reviewing the course offering spreadsheet, a CSE student who wants to complete an OCICU course needs approval from their academic advisor(s), and will need to fill out a registration form and bring it to the CSE Registrar's Office for processing.
  • Students need to have their registration form to the CSE Registrar's Office 2 weeks prior to the OCICU course start date.
  • It is expected that students have met the prerequisites for the course as described in the course syllabus on the OCICU website.
  • CSE students will register for the course through the CSE Registrar's Office by submitting a registration form.
  • The Academic Calendar of the provider college/university will be strictly followed. Once a student is registered for an OCICU course, the CSE Registrar's Office will inform the student of their enrollment via their CSE email account.
  • Once registered for the OCICU course, the student will be billed from the CSE Bursar's Office with your other CSE courses.

Undergraduate students cannot take more than 6 credits through the OCICU each semester. Undergraduate students cannot take more than 12 credits toward their degree through the OCICU.

Graduate students cannot take more than 3 credits through the OCICU each semester. Each graduate program will determine how may total credits can be taken through the OCICU toward their program. Graduate courses are posted at the end of the Course Offering spreadsheet.

Click the OCICU links below for more information about the provider universities and for what online courses are available through the OCICU.

CCM-CSE Justice Studies Program

The CCM CSE Registrar's Enrollment Verification Form must be filled out every semester before the end of the CSE add/drop period.

Transfer Credits

Transfer courses accepted by the College of Saint Elizabeth reflect only the credits of the course. Grades earned in transfer courses are not averaged into the College of Saint Elizabeth grade point average.

Please note: The only circumstance where a grade of D will be accepted in transfer is if an Associate's Degree was earned. Any courses taken after the Associates Degree is awarded must have a grade of C or better in order to transfer onto the CSE transcript.

A few guidelines to help you achieve your goal in obtaining your Bachelor's Degree in Justice Studies:

  • Students must be registered for at least one (1) CSE course, along with the CCM course they are registering for each semester.
  • Students must fill out the CSE/CCM Verification of Enrollment form by the end of the CSE drop/add period so that it can be entered by the CSE Registrar's office onto the students transcript.
  • If the form is not received by the CSE Registrar's Office by the end of the drop/add period, all courses taken at CCM for the particular semester will be counted as transfer credits on the students CSE transcript.
  • At the end of each semester the student is responsible for requesting their CCM transcript from CCM. The transcript can be either mailed or dropped off to the CSE Registrars office.
  • Once the CSE Registrar's Office has the official CCM transcript with the grades for the semester, the grades can be entered onto the students CSE transcript.
  • If for some reason the student cannot take a CSE course in a Fall or Spring semester, the student must take a Leave of Absence from CSE. Any CCM courses taken during their leave of absence period will be considered transfer credits when the student returns. The credits will be accepted (as long as a grade of "C" or better is earned)
  • Courses taken at CCM over an intersession or summer period will be entered on the students CSE transcript as transfer credits in all circumstances.
  • Under no circumstances can the student transfer in more than 90 credits. Once the limit of transfer credits has been reached no other courses will be accepted in transfer. It is extremely important for students to keep track of the amount of courses they are transferring.

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