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Contact Information
Mahoney Library

2 Convent Rd.
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

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Main Desk: (973) 290-4237
Reference: (973) 290-4248

Hours of Operation:
M-Th: 8:30am - 10:00pm
F: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Sa: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Su: 2:00pm - 10:00pm

The library will be CLOSED on the following days:
Labor Day (Sept. 3rd)
Columbus Day (Oct. 8th)
Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 21st to Nov. 25th)

Access & Logins

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Building Hours

The library will be open on the following schedule starting on August 20, 2018 and will continue until November 20, 2018.

Regular Hours
M-Th: 8:30am-10:00pm
F: 8:30am-5:00pm
Sa: 2:00pm-6:00pm
Su: 2:00pm-10:00pm

We will have extended library hours for finals. More information as the time draws closer!


24/7 Access

Library databases, e-journal subscriptions and our CoolCat catalog are accessible 24/7 from any computer or device with an Internet connection and web browser.

Proxy Server and Bookmarklet

Our online subscriptions are routed through an EZproxy server. This software connects to the college's identity management system and allows you to authenticate as someone with legitimate access to the college's subscriptions. We include a prefix on our URLs that directs you through the proxy server (http://www.cse.idm.oclc.org/login?url=). If you access a database through the links on the library's website, you will get a login page enabling you to authenticate.

Through a regular web search, you might come across a result that appears to be a journal article or publisher website. These links will not contain our proxy prefix, and those sites will not recognize you as an authorized user. To get around that issue, you can add our Proxy Bookmarklet to your browser. If you find a result from one of the sites below, click on the proxy bookmarklet at the top of your browser. This reloads the page through our proxy server and gives you the opportunity to login.

To add the bookmarklet to your browser, follow the instructions for the browser that you're using.

  • Internet Explorer - Right click on this link: CSE Proxy. Click 'Add to Favorites'. Click 'Yes' to continue. Select 'Favorites Bar' from the drop-down menu. Click 'Add.'
  • Firefox or Chrome - Click and drag this link CSE Proxy up to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

If you do not see a new link at the top of your browser screen, go to the 'View' menu, click 'Toolbars' and make sure there is a checkmark next to your Favorites or Bookmarks toolbar.

This bookmarklet will work with the following journal sites (all of which are visible in a web search): Sage journals, Science Direct journals, Ovid nursing journals, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (Many library subscription databases are not visible in a web search and therefore can only be accessed via the links on the library website.)


Databases & Journals

Whether on campus or off, you will be prompted to login. Use the same username and password are as you do for email and Moodle.

CoolCat Catalog

All students/staff should have a library barcode sticker on the back of your CSE ID card. (Stop by the library circulation desk to get one). Use your library barcode number to login to CoolCat. This enables you to:

  • see what you have checked out
  • check due dates
  • renew any items that are not late
  • see if you have any late fees
  • request books from FDU


If you are having problems connecting to one database, test your access to one or more other databases. If you can get into one database, but not another, then the problem is most likely with the vendor-provided database site itself, or with our access configuration for that particular database.

If you have successfully connected to a database, but experience delays or difficulties while using that database, here are a few tips:

  • Try a different browser.
  • If attempting to access a PDF document, try right-clicking on the link, and saving it, rather than trying to open it within the database.
  • If you are unable to access the full text within a particular database interface, click the 'Search for Full Text' link, or go to the Online & Print Journals Listto look up the journal that you need.

If you do experience connectivity problems, please contact our E-Resources Librarian at abross@cse.edu or the Help Desk at helpdesk@cse.edu.