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Honors Students Travel to Baltimore for NRHC Conference

Nineteen CSE students traveled to Baltimore this month to partake in the Northeast Regional Honors Council's (NRHC) Annual Conference. Each student spent hours researching their topic, compiling data and connecting it to the conference's theme: "Generating Power. Impact. Influence. Endurance." They then submitted these proposals to the NRHC and earned an impressive 83% acceptance rate.

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Program Overview

The Honors Program is designed for a highly select group of students whose high school record, rank in class and SAT scores indicate superior scholastic aptitude or who in their college work demonstrate unusual proficiency and scholarly interests through a superior grade point average.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for their major, First Year Seminar, English Composition, Fitness/Wellness, and Foreign Language, students must fulfill the following:

  • Cumulative Average of 3.5 or Higher
  • Honors curriculum
  • Independent Research Project

Honors Designated Courses

Students in the Honors Program are offered a special Honors curriculum in order to provide them with a broad-base of knowledge in the liberal arts and to challenge and enhance their special interests and abilities. Each semester, designated Honors Courses incorporate the rigor of in-depth study with the breadth of experience and understanding for which the liberal arts education is valued. Your participation in Honors Courses will expose you to ideas and personalities outside your own major field of study. You will find diversity and originality of thought that will expand your way thinking, even as your solidify your own convictions and beliefs.

The Honors curriculum bring students and faculty together in an exploration of topical ideas and issues. The free exchange of ideas encourages independent thought and expression, based always in solid research and disciplined academic work. What results is intellectual and personal growth, a habit of reflective listening and well-reasoned response that is as valued in the boardroom as it is in the classroom.

Independent Research Project

Each student in the Honors Program prepares a faculty mentored Honors Independent Study Project which is presented publicly to the College community. This experience, which offers students the opportunity to plan, execute, and present an important project, increases students' ability to organize their work, expand their problem solving abilities, and practice a variety of leadership skills.

The province of the mind has no boundaries. With the support and guidance of your professors, you will tackle and master projects of your own choosing, adding your personal contribution to the world store of knowledge and ideas. Recent Honors students at the College of Saint Elizabeth have researched such topic as:

  • The High Price of Low Cost Fashion
  • The Politics of Hair
  • Perception of Women in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer with Adipose Derived Stem Cells Promoting Wound Healing
  • "Clear and Present Danger": A Look into the History of Civil Liberties vs. National Security
  • Research on Traumatic Brain Injury in Rodents

Honors students often publish the results of their completed research in Sophia, the Honors journal. Many also have presented and been honored in the public arena before their peers form other colleges and before workers in the field at educational and professional association conferences. All Honors students make a formal presentation of their work on campus before the Honors faculty and students, thus fulfilling one of the goals of the Honors Program: learning from one another, teaching one another.


Students in the Honors Program celebrate their achievements and have fun, too! The Program sponsors speakers and trips to conferences and museums. Honors students have an induction ceremony and an end of the year banquet.


The College of Saint Elizabeth Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council.