Referrals and Counseling

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Referral and Counseling Services

Developing good relational skills is evident when academic advisors effectively handle questions or face student situations that are beyond the scope of their own expertise.

Referrals are important for two reasons: advisors cannot know everything, and the trust that allows students to open up in an advising conference can also lead to advisor dependence. Therefore, not only is it best for the student, but also emotionally healthy for the advisor to acknowledge his/her limitations and refer students to other resources when appropriate.

Referrals are important to students' development. The four broad categories for referral are academic problems, common life changes, anxiety, and depression.

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling services provide free, confidential consultation, brief short-term intervention and additional referral for students.

Location: Wellness Center, Founders Hall, Lower Level
Days/Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.
Contact Person: Zsuzsanna Nagy, LCSW, Director
Phone: (973) 290-4175

Life Change

Guide for Referring Students Who Are Struggling with Common Transitional Issues

The following guides for referring students who are struggling with common transitional issues, anxiety, and depression will assist advisors with questions to consider, questions to ask the student, and action to be taken.

Questions to Consider

  • Is the student experiencing divorce, death, loss?
  • Is the student having problems with the transition to college?
  • Is the student moving out of parents' home, establishing residence?

Questions to Ask Students

  • What is going on in your life?
  • Is anything going on in your life that interferes with school?
  • What do you have the most trouble dealing with?


  • Offer the student general information.
  • Refer the student to Student Support, lecture series, etc.
  • Refer the student to Counseling Services.