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Louise Murray, Ph.D.

Santa Maria Hall 16

Phone: (973) 290-4430

Social Work

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BSW Receives Accreditation from Council on Social Work Education

This summer, the College of Saint Elizabeth's Bachelor's in Social Work (BSW) received accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Receiving this accreditation enables graduates to apply for Advanced Standing to CSWE-accredited Master of Social Work (MSW) programs.

Receiving Advanced Standing allows students to complete their MSW in one year of full-time study instead of two years of full-time study.

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Program Offerings

The Bachelor's in Social Work (BSW) prepares students to work with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to promote well-being and advocate for social justice. All course work includes hands-on activities that require students to use judgment and apply social work values.

The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), so graduates are eligible to apply for Advanced Standing to CSWE-accredited Masters of Social Work (MSW) program.

A distinguishing feature of the program is the intensive senior year internship where students are placed in a social service agency, hospital, criminal justice setting, or school and receive mentoring from a specially trained social worker. The specially designed internships for Social Work majors provide students with excellent background in seeking employment. During the internship, students have many opportunities to engage in generalist social work practice.

As a generalist social worker, students help individuals and families access services and support their general well-being. Equally important, generalist social workers advocate for social justice by using inter-personal and analytic skills so they can be effective change agents.

Students pursuing a B.A. in Sociology have the option of taking three social work courses for a Concentration in Social Work.

Faculty and Staff

Bianca Channer, MSW, LCSW, DSW

Assistant Professor
Director of Field Placement
(973) 290-4103
Santa Maria Hall 12

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Louise Murray, MSW, LSW, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Program Chairperson
(973) 290-4430
Santa Maria Hall 16

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Elizabeth A. Ford

Academic Program Coordinator
(973) 290-4284
Santa Maria Hall 13A