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Interim Chair

Daniel P. Agatino, Ph.D.
Santa Maria Hall J

Phone: (973) 290-4327


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Student Profile: Destiny Henry, '18, Communication

There is an interesting secret about Destiny Henry that few know – she does not own a computer.

"When my computer broke, I opted not to replace it," she explains. "I have found that I can live very well without it, and I spend much less time isolated from the rest of the community."

This sums up Destiny's philosophy of life – getting out there and getting involved.

Read Destiny's Story

Program Offerings

At the College of Saint Elizabeth, we bridge academic communications theory with mass media strategy. Courses are content-driven: we approach mediated communication as a practice, with priority given to the message over the media. Students are grounded in the liberal arts and fuse their writing with visual communications, providing a platform for ongoing engagement with today's media-driven world.



Faculty and Staff

Daniel P. Agatino Ph.D.

Half-Time Visiting Professor and Interim Chair
(973) 290-4327
Santa Maria Hall J