Decisions on CSE's Future

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Dear CSE Community:

Helen J. StreubertAs Chair of the Board of Trustees of the College, I am proud of the quality, transformative education that is the cornerstone of CSE. Daily we hear stories of our students' successes and our students' impact on the world. Parallel to this day-to-day mission, we are also planning for our future.

A new strategic plan has been developed that embraces our past and broadens our reach. This plan calls for building on chapters already written – chapters that include the introduction of coeducational continuing studies in 1976, and coeducational graduate programs in 1993.

In the near future, our Board will decide whether to open the undergraduate Women's College to male students. This decision will:

  • Broaden our mission, by appealing not only to men, but to the majority of college-bound women who do not want a single-gender educational experience.
  • Maintain our commitment to the Sisters of Charity, whose mission is to serve where there is need. In 1899, the need was education of women. In 2015, the need is to produce servant leaders of both sexes who are committed to serving the world.
  • Provide a platform for us to continue our strong commitment to the development of women's leadership. We ask that you support us in this decision. Join us in the next step in CSE's proud 115-year history. Help us to continue our mission of empowering CSE students to make a positive contribution to the world.

As our plans unfold, we will keep you further informed. If you have questions, please email

Sister Rosemary Moynihan, SC
Chair, CSE Board of Trustees

Letter from Emma Byrne, '65, Board of Trustees 2007-15

Emma Byrne, '65
Higher education has changed significantly since many of us attended college. The traditional women's college as we knew it is challenged at so many levels today. St. E's today is a College in two parts – the undergraduate women's college and the continuing studies/graduate degree programs. Each is an important part of our story. As we plan for the next chapter of that story, I'd ask you keep an open mind about the choices that are possible for us. As you review the materials you will receive, stay in touch with Board members, alums, the administration and staff. Help us think critically. Together, our goal is to ensure CSE is as relevant for future students as it was for us.