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Welcome to the New College of Saint Elizabeth

The logo, as a symbol of the College, takes into account the current status of the institution, its history and plans for the future. The tower of the Sisters of Charity Building was the logo most people were familiar with for CSE. That logo, which does not include a location, was designed in the early 1990s when the administrative offices for the College were housed in the building. Today, that is no longer the case.


Early 1990s


Applications of the new logo as seen
on banners and social media.

Prior to the tower logo, the College symbol looked like a Celtic knot, or inter-twined C's and S's and incorporated the Convent Station address.

With acknowledgement of this history, the College embarked on a new branding campaign, including a logo, in August 2015. Throughout the fall, more than 900 alumni, students, faculty and staff participated in focus groups, in-person and online surveys. This research resulted in six initial logo concepts in January 2016. Those concepts were refined for two additional rounds of review until the E, on the cover of this magazine, was overwhelmingly selected by nearly 400 participants in focus groups and surveys. It incorporates our Morristown location, which is very important to today's students who seek internships and accessibility into Manhattan.

The new logo is a symbol of the change and the forward movement of the College. In coming months, it will be completely integrated into our electronic communications, social media platforms, literature, stationery, outdoor banners, and ads.