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New EOF Students Begin Their College Journey

New EOF Students Begin Their College Journey


Morristown, N.J. (August 21, 2018) – This summer, 25 students enjoyed five weeks on campus during an introduction to college life through the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF). Attending classes, staying in the residence halls, and just relaxing with new friends, these young women and men began to realize that their dreams can come true.

EOF is a state-sponsored program that provides students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to attend college. Students apply to both college and EOF on the common application. Once accepted, EOF funds several weeks on campus to help the students transition to college life, help develop skill sets, and earn up to 10 college credits to begin their freshman year. The students are accompanied by peer assistants who are students at the college and have also been through the EOF program.

"My favorite part about the EOF program was the tutoring sessions since I was able to get extra help where I needed," says Sarai Santiago.

On top of attending lectures, labs and tutoring sessions, students were required to read seven challenging books.

Carlos Huguet felt the intense work load, variety of engaging events and influential speakers was an invaluable experience. "EOF is important because it provides students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds the ability to experience college before orientation."

Clifford Woodward, EOF director at CSE, sees the program as a holistic approach to learning. He believes, "EOF represents the educational discovery for each student and where the journey of that discovery will take them in life."

EOF alumni often return to the program as tutors, recognizing the benefit they derived from the program and encouraging the new students. The alumni act as role models as well, as successful professionals in their chosen fields.

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