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From Classroom Support to Classroom Teacher

From Classroom Support to Classroom Teacher


Morristown, N.J. (December 19, 2018) – Fernando Rivera, '19, is intent on pursuing his dream job and is using his CSE education to do exactly that. While Rivera has a decade of practical experience working with children, he requires formal training to achieve his dream of becoming a middle school teacher.

"Being a teacher is the most important job in this country," says Rivera, who is a first-generation college student. "It's our responsibility as educators to give every single child the opportunity to succeed in our society."

Prior to entering CSE's Accelerated Certification for Teaching (A.C.T. 1) program, he worked as both a paraprofessional and YMCA site supervisor. While there, Rivera helped raise funds to provide family programming at the Somerset Hills YMCA. His efforts helped ensure that families were able to participate in after school care, music classes, STEM workshops and more, without worrying about the cost.

Rivera felt his commitment to accessible, high quality education was reflected in the mission and values of CSE. He admired the College's focus on servant leadership and excellence in teaching.

After graduating, Rivera plans to continue his studies by pursuing a master's in education with a concentration in special education.

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