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Domestic Violence Survivor Advocates for VictimsVoice App

Domestic Violence Survivor Advocates for VictimsVoice App


Morristown, N.J. (February 25, 2020) – On October 16, 2008, Heather Glogolich's then husband returned from his shift as a police officer extremely intoxicated. Visibly disgruntled, her ex-husband began to take his frustration out on his wife. While this was a routine occurrence, the verbal abuse slowly escalated into severe physical violence.

Glogolich had met her former husband while they were in the police academy together. The pair fell in love very quickly and were married within just two years of meeting. Unfortunately, after having children together, her ex-husband's anger issues spiraled out of control, leading him to almost kill his wife.

"That night, [my ex-husband] pulled his gun from his waistband, placed a pillow over my head and loaded a round into the chamber," recalls Glogolich. "I could feel the gun pressing against the pillow and onto my head. And then I heard him start to pull the trigger. It creaked."

While Glogolich's former husband did not end up shooting her that night, he did severely abuse her. Fearing for her children's lives, Glogolich managed to call the police and her ex-husband was eventually arrested.

"As a police officer, I had more resources than most people do in abusive situations," says Glogolich, who is a lieutenant for the Morris County Police Department. "I have training, but I kept thinking, 'What about people who don't know what to do?'"

Glogolich's personal experience with abuse led her to become the law enforcement liaison for VictimsVoice, an app that allows users to collect evidence necessary to build legal cases against their abusers. The app, which enables victims to record information about abuse, stores every single keystroke on a secure server. Since nothing can be edited or altered, VictimsVoice is legally admissible in court.

"Victims are constantly re-victimized by the court systems," explains Glogolich. "My ex-husband only served two months in jail for what he did to me. Using this app could have proven my story; it would not have been my word against his."

Motivated by a desire to be a "real life" superhero, Glogolich is always giving back to her community. In addition to her police work and advocacy for VictimsVoice, Glogolich teaches criminal justice at CSE.

"I love being a teacher because of the interaction you have with students," says Glogolich. "I had professors who helped me figure out what I wanted to be and I want to be able to give that to my students as well."

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