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CSE Is An Ideal Place for Adult Learners

CSE Is An Ideal Place for Adult Learners


Morristown, N.J. (January 13, 2020) – Tina Monteleone, '09, graduated college with a degree in marketing and merchandizing that led to a career at the Museum Company. However, as the circumstances of her life began to change, Monteleone realized that she required more flexibility in her career.

She had recently started a family and traveling for work was becoming increasingly difficult. Upon speaking with relatives and helping students at a local pre-school, Monteleone uncovered her passion for teaching.

"As an alternate-route student looking to teach and take care of my family, earning my degrees at the College of Saint Elizabeth was a no-brainer," explains Monteleone, who completed CSE's Accelerated Certification for Teaching (A.C.T.) Program and then continued to earn her master's in education at the College. "CSE is on the forefront of alternative teaching and professional development for those interested in pursuing a second career."

Now, Monteleone is the president of the New Jersey Association for Middle Level Education (NJAMLE) and works as a K-12 instructional technology coach for Holmdel Township School District. As president of NJAMLE, Monteleone helps middle-level educators (or those teaching in grades 5-8) find resources and connect with other middle-level educators to advocate for young adolescent learning.

In her role as technology coach, Monteleone's main priority is getting students to use technology as a tool, not a toy.

"Too often, adults are the ones hindering students because we're uncomfortable with technology. I want to put technology in the hands of our students and work with them, side-by-side to enhance our lessons."

Without attending CSE, Monteleone wouldn't have had the formal education necessary to actualize her dream of becoming an educator.

"My professors at the College had their finger on the pulse of the education system because they were in workshops, fresh from a classroom or involved in educational advancements in the state," says Monteleone. "They were knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive of my needs as an adult learner."

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