Residence Life

  • The College of Saint Elizabeth has single and double residence rooms for students. 
  • Most students have a roommate during their first year at the College, and a single room after that.
  • Single rooms are limited and are assigned first to returning students, then to transfer students, and last to freshmen.
  • Each room in the residence hall has its own sink. 
  • Bed size will depend on housing assignment:  Founders Hall beds are regular length (1 X 1.9 m) and O'Connor beds are extra long (1 X 2.0 m)

For your reference, here are average room and window sizes for the two residence halls:

Residence Hall

Room Size 

Window Size (Length X Width)


 4.19 X 2.57 m

 2.26 X 1.30 m (1st floor)



 1.91 X 1.30 m (2nd-4th floors)


 4.57 X 3.66 m

 1.57 X 1.27 m (all floors)

  • Roommate requests can only be considered if both students submit their housing request forms by mid June.
  • Students must complete a questionnaire to help Residence Life with roommate placement: Housing Request Form 
  • In order to move into a residence hall, all health records must be completed and returned to the Health Center. 
  • If all necessary paperwork is received by Residence Life, students will receive their room assignment, roommate information, and other important information during the last week in July.

Fire Hazard Policy

  • The following items are NOT allowed in residence hall rooms:
    • Electrical cooking appliances (including microwaves)
    • Heaters
    • Any item with an open flame
    • Incense and candles (even if unlit)
  • Cooking
    • Students who cook in residence hall kitchens must constantly stay with their food while cooking
    • Any violation of this policy will automatically receive a $150 fine
    • Further sanctions may be imposed depending upon the severity of the incident

For more information about life in the residence halls at CSE, you can also visit the Residence Life.