Medical Requirements and Forms

Medical Requirements and Forms

Your completed health form provides us with the necessary information we need to assure that we are providing a safe and healthy campus community. New Jersey State law and the College of Saint Elizabeth require that all forms, medical and immunizations requirements are completed prior to entrance to the College.

All Health Requirements must be completed to attend class. Non-compliance will lead to financial fees, registration holds and inability to reside in campus housing. These are time sensitive requirements. Please submit all forms immediately.

Complete the CSE Medical Requirement Forms

Please download and print a copy of the College's and State of New Jersey's Medical Requirement form which includes the following items:

  • Required Form A - Health Form
  • Required Form B - Immunization Record
  • Required Form C - Meningitis Information Sheet

Complete Forms A - C in its entirety and have your physician complete their portion.

  • Fall semester deadline is June 15
  • Spring semester deadline is December 1

Be aware other departments may require additional health requirements (Athletics, Foods and Nutrition, Education, Nursing). Make sure you contact these departments for further information.

Send or fax your completed forms to:

CSE Health Services
Founders Hall
2 Convent Road
Morristown, NJ 07960

Fax: (973) 290-4182

College Health and Immunization Requirements

The following are the basic requirements for Women's College students. Please refer to the instruction portion of the forms for more detailed information.

  • You are required to fill out the information data sheet.
  • You and your physician are required to complete the Medical History and Physical Forms.
  • You and your physician are required to complete the immunization form.
  • The immunization requirements are as follows:
    • 2 measles vaccines
    • 2 mumps vaccines
    • 2 rubella vaccines
    • Meningitis vaccine
      • Students less than or equal to 21 years old and all resident students
      • Final dose must be administered at or after the age of 16 AND within 5 years of entry
      • ALL must read the Meningitis Information Sheet.
    • 3 Hepatitis B vaccines
    • PPD/Mantoux testing or Inteferon-gamma release assay test (IGRA) 
      • PPD/Mantoux
        • Plant date and the read date is required.
        • Reading needs to be in millimeters of induration.
      • If you have a history of a positive PPD/Mantoux or IGRA, you need a chest x-ray (within one year).
    • Tdap one dose
    • Td or Tdap vaccine within the past 10 years
    • Polio primary series
    • You need to fill out the Meningitis Information Sheet and return it to the Health Services.

Release Forms


Call the Immunization Information Line at (973) 290-4388. For additional assistance, contact Madeline Cook in Health Services at (973) 290-4132.