Getting Started

Getting Started

Registering an Event

Once you have formulated your ideas and established co-sponsoring relationships, your next step is to meet with the Director of Student Activities.  If this is your first time planning an event please e-mail the Director of Student Activities, Leigh Anne Walters at to set up an appointment to review the Event, Table and Fundraising Reservation forms and event registration process. 

Submit a Reservations form to the Office of Student Activities (for review and approval) for any event or fundraiser planned.  The Reservation form should be submitted to the Office of Student Activities at least 3 weeks prior to the event or fundraiser.  Please provide detailed information about your event including:

  • Student organizer contact information (this is the person who will be contacted if there are any questions)
  • Name and description of your event
  • Proposed date, time, and location* of your event.
  • Advisor contact and signature.

Once this information is submitted, the Office of Student Activities will review the information and help determine what steps need to be completed in order for the event to be a success.  The Director of Student Activities will not approve the event is any of the above information is missing from the Reservation form. 

Submit completed Reservation forms (with all signatures, including but not limited to reservations, facilities, media and food services) to the Office of Student Activities two weeks prior to the event. 

Please note once the Reservation form has been approved by the Office of Student Activities it is the responsibility of the student organization to contact other College offices, such as the Reservation Office, Facilities, Media Services, Catering, etc. as needed.  These offices will communicate with the student contact person listed on the Reservation form to identify services needed and request additional information.

*Selecting a location

Selecting a location for your event is an important step in the event planning process.  It is necessary for student organizers to explore multiple locations before determining the best location for your event.  There are a wide range of options available for students. Listed below are some of the most popular places for student organizations to hold events:

  • Residence Hall Lounges, including Upper Founders’ Lounge, O’Connor Parlor and Lower Founders’ Lounge - contact Residence Life (x4184)
  • Tables outside Rose Dining Hall - contact the Dean of Student Life’s Office (x4204)
  • All classrooms (including the flexible classrooms in the Annunciation Center) - contact the Registrar (x4441)
  • All other campus locations, including Ward Dining Hall, McGuire Lounge, Octagon, Dolan Performance Hall, Drama Studio, Pool , Gym and outdoor locations, contact the Reservations Office in the Annunciation Center or

Please note that student organizations must complete a Reservation form before contacting the above offices.  Once the Reservation form has been submitted and the location secure the student organization can begin to contact other campus departments. 

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