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CSE Alumna Diane DaSilva, '11: I Want to Pay It Forward

CSE Alumna Diane DaSilva, '11: I Want to Pay It Forward

Morristown, N.J. (June 19, 2014) – Diane DaSilva, '11, justice studies with a minor in political science, is a Newark, N.J., native. Three years post graduation, known as Trooper D DaSilva 7381, the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) trooper proudly serves in central New Jersey.



Although DaSilva said, "there is no typical day" in her line of work, she said that each 12-hour shift, especially in an area where the community appreciates the state police, is very rewarding. In the future, DaSilva would like to join the Drug and Gang Task Force and eventually the Joint Terrorism Task Force, developed post 9/11. DaSilva said that she would like to "be part of the solution."

Upon entering the College of Saint Elizabeth (CSE) freshman year, DaSilva said, "I was cocky, not confident in a humble way." At first glance, CSE was not what DaSilva had in mind, but in being recruited for the basketball team and welcomed into a community, DaSilva said, "I felt like I belonged and that I was wanted."

A member of the Student Government Association (SGA) for four years, DaSilva was vice president and president of the organization. She was captain of both the basketball and soccer teams, and a community assistant in the dorms.

In 2011, DaSilva was selected as an NCAA Woman of the Year Honoree. The award recognizes excellence in academics, service, leadership, and sports. DaSilva also received the title of Woman of the Year in 2011 from Morris County for Leadership and Service. In reflecting on her four years at the CSE, DaSilva said, "I will forever be indebted to the College for transforming and guiding this inner city girl into what I am today."

As a NJ State Trooper, and a graduate of a woman's college, DaSilva is proud to serve as one of 150 women in an organization of 2,500. With an emphasis on the NJSP's principles of candor and integrity, DaSilva said, "I shine my shoes every day before my shift." DaSilva emphasized not only, "what [CSE] saw in me" at the beginning, but also the places it has taken her. Of her career in the NJSP, DaSilva said, "I love the organization. I love what it stands for."

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