CSE - Swimming News http://www.cse.edu/ News Athletics Hosting Midnight Madness Event Thursday http://www.cse.edu/permalink/6a16fcb0-1529-4456-8488-804d826431e6/69545 Athletics Hosting Midnight Madness Event Thursday Wed, 22 Oct 2014 11:03:27 EDT 6a16fcb0-1529-4456-8488-804d826431e6 CSE Athletics Held Trunk or Treat Event http://www.cse.edu/permalink/ed00a8ff-aecf-40d9-aa08-3dc42b803269/69545 CSE Athletics Hosted Trunk or Treat Event Wed, 22 Oct 2014 13:21:57 EDT ed00a8ff-aecf-40d9-aa08-3dc42b803269 4 Swimmers Named to NEAC All Conference Team http://www.cse.edu/permalink/c4688e41-166b-4c4b-aa4b-7a0f89d02e13/69545 4 Swimmers and 4 relay teams named to All Conference Team Wed, 19 Feb 2014 14:42:59 EST c4688e41-166b-4c4b-aa4b-7a0f89d02e13 CSE Swimmers to be Honored at Halftime Tuesday http://www.cse.edu/permalink/d4da53a1-e05d-4ad3-b579-dc8bf98c8e11/69545 CSE swimmers will be honored Tuesday night Tue, 18 Feb 2014 21:36:21 EST d4da53a1-e05d-4ad3-b579-dc8bf98c8e11 CSE Finishes 5th at NEAC Championships http://www.cse.edu/permalink/9a58d50d-376d-425c-871a-254237c19c0f/69545 CSE finishes 5th with 302 points Mon, 17 Feb 2014 11:55:16 EST 9a58d50d-376d-425c-871a-254237c19c0f CSE Has Strong Showing in Day 2 of NEAC Championships http://www.cse.edu/permalink/fda91e2c-6d69-452e-bd84-2c4f97bb80b4/69545 CSE Has Strong Showing in Day 2 of NEAC Championships Sun, 16 Feb 2014 00:13:46 EST fda91e2c-6d69-452e-bd84-2c4f97bb80b4 CSE in 3rd Place After Day 1 http://www.cse.edu/permalink/d1bd04dc-c87e-4870-96fa-739c58cad2c7/69545 CSE just 11 points out of 1st Sat, 15 Feb 2014 13:46:03 EST d1bd04dc-c87e-4870-96fa-739c58cad2c7 CSE Swim Travels to Cazenovia for NEAC Championships http://www.cse.edu/permalink/41c4c175-6a7d-4126-8076-4bcf1ec974cd/69545 CSE Swim Travels to Cazenovia for NEAC Championships Wed, 12 Feb 2014 13:51:51 EST 41c4c175-6a7d-4126-8076-4bcf1ec974cd Veronica Lubsen Named Co NEAC Athlete of the Week http://www.cse.edu/permalink/6d76df69-e69f-4643-9f8b-0d7ae6b19487/69545 Veronica Lubsen Named Co NEAC Athlete of the Week Tue, 04 Feb 2014 13:36:30 EST 6d76df69-e69f-4643-9f8b-0d7ae6b19487 CSE Swim Dominates New Rochelle http://www.cse.edu/permalink/aaf57447-f928-4eb6-9e6f-c4ff7282c40f/69545 CSE wins 121-63 Tue, 04 Feb 2014 10:38:13 EST aaf57447-f928-4eb6-9e6f-c4ff7282c40f Ashley Sicsko Honored During Senior Day http://www.cse.edu/permalink/86e82b38-1590-4530-9af8-a10b231c0618/69545 Sicsko honored during senior day Mon, 20 Oct 2014 14:44:01 EDT 86e82b38-1590-4530-9af8-a10b231c0618 Maria Corall Named NEAC Swimmer of the Week http://www.cse.edu/permalink/c040d89c-58c9-455a-b1e4-5dc25bbad011/69545 Maria Corall named co swimmer of the week by the NEAC. Mon, 27 Jan 2014 16:53:39 EST c040d89c-58c9-455a-b1e4-5dc25bbad011 CSE Swim Wins on Senior Day http://www.cse.edu/permalink/da002881-71a9-496c-956f-9014c205d299/69545 CSE beats Cobleskill 59-36 Sat, 25 Jan 2014 14:50:09 EST da002881-71a9-496c-956f-9014c205d299 CSE Swim Meet Cancelled http://www.cse.edu/permalink/2424515f-7a5d-479d-ac05-b3a6981ee060/69545 Swim meet vs John Jay PPD Wed, 22 Jan 2014 14:16:47 EST 2424515f-7a5d-479d-ac05-b3a6981ee060 CSE Swim Beats Gallaudet, Falls to Cazenovia http://www.cse.edu/permalink/2f090686-bb96-4ca4-a46a-4d73eabaaf79/69545 CSE Beats Gallaudet 133-128, falls to Cazenovia 155-122 Mon, 20 Jan 2014 12:09:32 EST 2f090686-bb96-4ca4-a46a-4d73eabaaf79 CSE Posts Strong Showing at Drew Invitational http://www.cse.edu/permalink/8be631c7-ae72-48d7-ac70-7637cf4c3bc0/69545 CSE finishes 3rd at Drew Invitational Mon, 09 Dec 2013 13:29:06 EST 8be631c7-ae72-48d7-ac70-7637cf4c3bc0 CSE Swimming Notches First Win of the Year over Cedar Crest http://www.cse.edu/permalink/27cae0e4-f7f8-43ea-9ab0-47092eb5960f/69545 CSE wins 102-61 Wed, 20 Nov 2013 13:14:23 EST 27cae0e4-f7f8-43ea-9ab0-47092eb5960f CSE Drops Heartbreaker to Wells http://www.cse.edu/permalink/12b682ec-d06c-4c40-8073-36fb4099b8ed/69545 CSE Falls 48-47 Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:58:19 EST 12b682ec-d06c-4c40-8073-36fb4099b8ed CSE Swim Falls to William Patterson http://www.cse.edu/permalink/cc6637d0-7b00-4f1c-95ca-bd80df331786/69545 CSE loses 53-38 Wed, 13 Nov 2013 19:52:07 EST cc6637d0-7b00-4f1c-95ca-bd80df331786 Maria Corall Named NEAC Swimmer of the Week http://www.cse.edu/permalink/f6be1a47-adc8-49b3-9b8f-a26320b65bc6/69545 Maria Corall name Swimmer of the Week. Tue, 12 Nov 2013 15:01:54 EST f6be1a47-adc8-49b3-9b8f-a26320b65bc6 CSE Swimming Wins Nail Biter http://www.cse.edu/permalink/bf841bb0-f299-4d02-9f53-91df08658ca5/69545 CSE Ties 44-44 Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:37:30 EST bf841bb0-f299-4d02-9f53-91df08658ca5 Shorthanded CSE Falls to Hunter College http://www.cse.edu/permalink/7b931927-5683-4830-b26f-1446c708be39/69545 CSE loses 68-27 Mon, 28 Oct 2013 11:02:11 EDT 7b931927-5683-4830-b26f-1446c708be39