CSE - General Athletics News http://www.cse.edu/ News CSE Runs Well at Bison Invitational http://www.cse.edu/permalink/e0d56368-0b38-4bb7-9217-8cb349193b80/69545 CSE Runs Well at Bison Invitational Sun, 14 Sep 2014 18:44:19 EDT e0d56368-0b38-4bb7-9217-8cb349193b80 CSE Soccer Falls to Morrisville http://www.cse.edu/permalink/48fae1ba-ef0b-43dc-b1f0-eda2aa929597/69545 CSE loses 9-0 Sun, 14 Sep 2014 16:41:07 EDT 48fae1ba-ef0b-43dc-b1f0-eda2aa929597 CSE Splits a Pair in Tri-Match http://www.cse.edu/permalink/70e5128a-510f-46c8-9c3e-f3d591f4b852/69545 CSE loses 3-1, wins 3-0 Sat, 13 Sep 2014 18:42:07 EDT 70e5128a-510f-46c8-9c3e-f3d591f4b852 CSE Drops Tough Game vs. Cazenovia http://www.cse.edu/permalink/76035329-29a8-4c22-8704-c78d0a6ac68e/69545 CSE loses 13-0 Sat, 13 Sep 2014 15:30:45 EDT 76035329-29a8-4c22-8704-c78d0a6ac68e CSE Volleyball Dominates Yeshiva http://www.cse.edu/permalink/f8f29505-781b-46ea-8108-39ae9f795503/69545 CSE wins 3-0 Wed, 10 Sep 2014 21:13:48 EDT f8f29505-781b-46ea-8108-39ae9f795503 Basketball Team to Host Skills Clinic October 26th http://www.cse.edu/permalink/35767f97-be23-4afd-a1cd-d1763ae90a53/69545 Basketball Team to Host Skills Clinic October 26th Tue, 09 Sep 2014 13:05:18 EDT 35767f97-be23-4afd-a1cd-d1763ae90a53 SUNYIT Too Much for CSE http://www.cse.edu/permalink/a4de41a6-1429-46f3-9e85-bd1c0b505ccc/69545 CSE loses 13-0 Sun, 07 Sep 2014 22:13:56 EDT a4de41a6-1429-46f3-9e85-bd1c0b505ccc CSE Splits a Pair at Rosemont Tri-Match http://www.cse.edu/permalink/3f48ed44-c93f-49f5-98ed-b7cc7508d860/69545 CSE wins 3-1, loses 3-0 Sun, 07 Sep 2014 20:46:49 EDT 3f48ed44-c93f-49f5-98ed-b7cc7508d860 Soccer Falls in NEAC Opener http://www.cse.edu/permalink/002936fd-ecda-443c-962e-10cb55b5f3e0/69545 CSE loses 14-0 Sun, 07 Sep 2014 13:28:03 EDT 002936fd-ecda-443c-962e-10cb55b5f3e0 Katie Cooper Named NEAC Women's Volleyball Defensive Player of the Week http://www.cse.edu/permalink/355a220f-fc6f-46cb-be42-f55f3003c98c/69545 Katie Cooper Named NEAC Women's Volleyball Defensive Player of the Week Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:48:29 EDT 355a220f-fc6f-46cb-be42-f55f3003c98c CSE Falls at Rutgers-Newark http://www.cse.edu/permalink/d82296c2-16de-4dc5-acec-7cfea79b6464/69545 CSE loses 3-0 Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:41:48 EDT d82296c2-16de-4dc5-acec-7cfea79b6464 CSE Drops First Road Game at Wesley http://www.cse.edu/permalink/e84db4bc-27fa-46e8-a074-9c284423654f/69545 CSE loses 10-0 Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:37:04 EDT e84db4bc-27fa-46e8-a074-9c284423654f School Record 38 Straight points Propells CSE http://www.cse.edu/permalink/e178172b-0059-4a31-a550-551bed12764d/69545 CSE Wins 3-0 Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:31:14 EDT e178172b-0059-4a31-a550-551bed12764d CSE Volleyball Opens the Year with a Bang http://www.cse.edu/permalink/d4c21442-6bc9-4d9c-8f0e-5981827d1460/69545 CSE wins 3-0, 3-1 Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:28:56 EDT d4c21442-6bc9-4d9c-8f0e-5981827d1460 CSE Soccer Drops Home Opener http://www.cse.edu/permalink/36527636-5474-4851-bb8a-c5c1ced96851/69545 CSE loses 10-1 Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:26:43 EDT 36527636-5474-4851-bb8a-c5c1ced96851 CSE Soccer Hosts Gwynedd Mercy in Season Opener on Friday http://www.cse.edu/permalink/3c1fbca8-4fbc-4199-a473-b68881137ed2/69545 CSE Soccer Hosts Gwynedd Mercy in Season Opener on Friday Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:23:53 EDT 3c1fbca8-4fbc-4199-a473-b68881137ed2 Volleyball Hosts Quad Match to Open the Season on Friday http://www.cse.edu/permalink/0ee7ed10-2569-42ec-92c6-67386a0946ad/69545 Volleyball Hosts Quad Match to Open the Season on Friday Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:21:05 EDT 0ee7ed10-2569-42ec-92c6-67386a0946ad Lacrosse At Bryn Aythn PPD http://www.cse.edu/permalink/1b364072-f972-4920-8f96-48fb992c0101/69545 Lacrosse At Bryn Aythn PPD Thu, 20 Mar 2014 11:37:20 EDT 1b364072-f972-4920-8f96-48fb992c0101 Softball and Lacrosse Open Their Seasons on Thursday http://www.cse.edu/permalink/ac79b76b-528f-4106-9499-c3353d31d60d/69545 Softball and Lacrosse Open Their Seasons on Thursday Wed, 19 Mar 2014 12:40:39 EDT ac79b76b-528f-4106-9499-c3353d31d60d CSE Softball and Tennis Hold Fundraiser at Applebee's http://www.cse.edu/permalink/8fb129a7-d304-424e-86aa-d68d476f6150/69545 CSE Softball and Tennis Fundraise at Applebee's Fri, 07 Mar 2014 12:03:04 EST 8fb129a7-d304-424e-86aa-d68d476f6150 CSE Drops Tough One in NEAC Tournament http://www.cse.edu/permalink/d1bc0c69-dc85-49f0-98fe-8dda0ca2c757/69545 CSE loses 69-61 Tue, 25 Feb 2014 20:48:35 EST d1bc0c69-dc85-49f0-98fe-8dda0ca2c757 Pledger and O'Dell Named to 2nd Team All Conference http://www.cse.edu/permalink/75eab310-7f17-4b41-99f7-a26de1446518/69545 Kelly O'Dell and Ashley Pledger named to 2nd team All NEAC Tue, 25 Feb 2014 19:47:32 EST 75eab310-7f17-4b41-99f7-a26de1446518 CSE Travels to Gallaudet in NEAC Conference Tournament Tuesday http://www.cse.edu/permalink/9700b519-0c8d-4439-bd9b-fb284fbe99fa/69545 CSE takes on Gallaudet on Tuesday Tue, 25 Feb 2014 10:12:58 EST 9700b519-0c8d-4439-bd9b-fb284fbe99fa CSE Blows Out Wilson on Senior Day http://www.cse.edu/permalink/d93f8ed4-137b-4f00-a979-8868f08c74c1/69545 CSE wins 84-27 Sat, 22 Feb 2014 15:15:16 EST d93f8ed4-137b-4f00-a979-8868f08c74c1 3 Eagles to be honored at Senior Day http://www.cse.edu/permalink/969270b6-90c0-4b1b-9966-6a4cfdef8c4b/69545 Subhana Wrights, Kelly O'Dell, and Cheyenne Grant to be honored at Senior Day Thu, 20 Feb 2014 15:16:07 EST 969270b6-90c0-4b1b-9966-6a4cfdef8c4b 4 Swimmers Named to NEAC All Conference Team http://www.cse.edu/permalink/c4688e41-166b-4c4b-aa4b-7a0f89d02e13/69545 4 Swimmers and 4 relay teams named to All Conference Team Wed, 19 Feb 2014 14:42:59 EST c4688e41-166b-4c4b-aa4b-7a0f89d02e13 Eagles Drop Heartbreaker at the Buzzer http://www.cse.edu/permalink/01eb0c07-c6d2-4aa9-b044-5808fe38e298/69545 CSE loses 63-60 Tue, 18 Feb 2014 20:10:59 EST 01eb0c07-c6d2-4aa9-b044-5808fe38e298 CSE Swimmers to be Honored at Halftime Tuesday http://www.cse.edu/permalink/d4da53a1-e05d-4ad3-b579-dc8bf98c8e11/69545 CSE swimmers will be honored Tuesday night Tue, 18 Feb 2014 21:36:21 EST d4da53a1-e05d-4ad3-b579-dc8bf98c8e11 Eagles Take Down Morrisville, Fall to Wells http://www.cse.edu/permalink/eecea263-f55f-4905-9919-9c1c2a73356b/69545 CSE beats Morrisville 72-53, lost to Wells 75-70 Mon, 17 Feb 2014 12:35:05 EST eecea263-f55f-4905-9919-9c1c2a73356b CSE Finishes 5th at NEAC Championships http://www.cse.edu/permalink/9a58d50d-376d-425c-871a-254237c19c0f/69545 CSE finishes 5th with 302 points Mon, 17 Feb 2014 11:55:16 EST 9a58d50d-376d-425c-871a-254237c19c0f CSE Has Strong Showing in Day 2 of NEAC Championships http://www.cse.edu/permalink/fda91e2c-6d69-452e-bd84-2c4f97bb80b4/69545 CSE Has Strong Showing in Day 2 of NEAC Championships Sun, 16 Feb 2014 00:13:46 EST fda91e2c-6d69-452e-bd84-2c4f97bb80b4 CSE in 3rd Place After Day 1 http://www.cse.edu/permalink/d1bd04dc-c87e-4870-96fa-739c58cad2c7/69545 CSE just 11 points out of 1st Sat, 15 Feb 2014 13:46:03 EST d1bd04dc-c87e-4870-96fa-739c58cad2c7 Cheyenne Grant Scores her 1,000th Career Point http://www.cse.edu/permalink/992652a1-e35d-4d19-94f6-812f56663368/69545 Cheyenne Grant Scores her 1,000th Career Point Wed, 12 Feb 2014 13:58:42 EST 992652a1-e35d-4d19-94f6-812f56663368 Grant’s 1,000th Point Lifts CSE on Think Pink Night http://www.cse.edu/permalink/811e7cc3-fc2b-4746-94fc-db954f3afa16/69545 CSE wins 76-62 Tue, 11 Feb 2014 21:34:09 EST 811e7cc3-fc2b-4746-94fc-db954f3afa16 CSE Swim Travels to Cazenovia for NEAC Championships http://www.cse.edu/permalink/41c4c175-6a7d-4126-8076-4bcf1ec974cd/69545 CSE Swim Travels to Cazenovia for NEAC Championships Wed, 12 Feb 2014 13:51:51 EST 41c4c175-6a7d-4126-8076-4bcf1ec974cd CSE Falls to Lancaster Bible http://www.cse.edu/permalink/806f56c7-b74a-44c8-8483-5c96096fbf8b/69545 CSE loses 63-54 Mon, 10 Feb 2014 21:26:15 EST 806f56c7-b74a-44c8-8483-5c96096fbf8b Subhana Wrights Honored at NJ NAGWS http://www.cse.edu/permalink/c8987eb3-3824-48cf-a820-639e76609575/69545 Subhana Wrights Honored at NJ NAGWS on Sunday Mon, 10 Feb 2014 08:56:42 EST c8987eb3-3824-48cf-a820-639e76609575 Grants 3 Point Barrage Lifts CSE http://www.cse.edu/permalink/dba4c254-0da3-4fd1-a11a-d96e4d3a8557/69545 CSE beats Keuka 77-64 Sat, 08 Feb 2014 15:22:24 EST dba4c254-0da3-4fd1-a11a-d96e4d3a8557 WNBA Legend Kym Hampton Speaks at CSE http://www.cse.edu/permalink/603abb99-a195-4f11-8900-905c267450b7/69545 Former WNBA star Kym Hampton spoke about leadership at the College of Saint Elizabeth. Thu, 06 Feb 2014 16:17:27 EST 603abb99-a195-4f11-8900-905c267450b7 Wednesday's Basketball Game PPD http://www.cse.edu/permalink/2236f87e-77f0-4a78-a1b7-5f11f45420e9/69545 Basketball game vs. Lancaster Bible rescheduled for Monday Tue, 04 Feb 2014 16:21:08 EST 2236f87e-77f0-4a78-a1b7-5f11f45420e9 Veronica Lubsen Named Co NEAC Athlete of the Week http://www.cse.edu/permalink/6d76df69-e69f-4643-9f8b-0d7ae6b19487/69545 Veronica Lubsen Named Co NEAC Athlete of the Week Tue, 04 Feb 2014 13:36:30 EST 6d76df69-e69f-4643-9f8b-0d7ae6b19487 Big First Half Propels CSE http://www.cse.edu/permalink/f2b5066e-baf6-4f24-a74f-584b33a3c356/69545 CSE wins 77-57 Tue, 04 Feb 2014 13:31:08 EST f2b5066e-baf6-4f24-a74f-584b33a3c356 CSE Swim Dominates New Rochelle http://www.cse.edu/permalink/aaf57447-f928-4eb6-9e6f-c4ff7282c40f/69545 CSE wins 121-63 Tue, 04 Feb 2014 10:38:13 EST aaf57447-f928-4eb6-9e6f-c4ff7282c40f Ashley Sicsko Honored During Senior Day http://www.cse.edu/permalink/86e82b38-1590-4530-9af8-a10b231c0618/69545 Sicsko honored during senior day Wed, 29 Jan 2014 15:06:54 EST 86e82b38-1590-4530-9af8-a10b231c0618 Maria Corall Named NEAC Swimmer of the Week http://www.cse.edu/permalink/c040d89c-58c9-455a-b1e4-5dc25bbad011/69545 Maria Corall named co swimmer of the week by the NEAC. Mon, 27 Jan 2014 16:53:39 EST c040d89c-58c9-455a-b1e4-5dc25bbad011 Screaming Eagles Drop 2 on the Weekend http://www.cse.edu/permalink/c58de027-8d8a-439b-a32b-91a60835295c/69545 CSE loses 78-60 on Saturday and 97-87 on Sunday Mon, 27 Jan 2014 13:13:53 EST c58de027-8d8a-439b-a32b-91a60835295c CSE Swim Wins on Senior Day http://www.cse.edu/permalink/da002881-71a9-496c-956f-9014c205d299/69545 CSE beats Cobleskill 59-36 Sat, 25 Jan 2014 14:50:09 EST da002881-71a9-496c-956f-9014c205d299 CSE Swim Meet Cancelled http://www.cse.edu/permalink/2424515f-7a5d-479d-ac05-b3a6981ee060/69545 Swim meet vs John Jay PPD Wed, 22 Jan 2014 14:16:47 EST 2424515f-7a5d-479d-ac05-b3a6981ee060 Pledger’s Buzzer Beater Lifts CSE to 8th Straight Win http://www.cse.edu/permalink/96b85483-e1b1-44e2-af17-29211bc9691b/69545 CSE beats Ramapo 63-61 Mon, 20 Jan 2014 21:18:13 EST 96b85483-e1b1-44e2-af17-29211bc9691b Kelly O'Dell Wins NEAC POW for 3rd Time This Season http://www.cse.edu/permalink/49cba24f-4419-4dc3-9cdb-2727340dd692/69545 Kelly O'Dell Wins NEAC Player of the Week for 3rd Time This Season Thu, 23 Jan 2014 15:07:21 EST 49cba24f-4419-4dc3-9cdb-2727340dd692 Rodgers Last Second Bucket Propels CSE over SUNYIT http://www.cse.edu/permalink/76f20e2e-6241-4e53-9512-456c20223b49/69545 CSE beats SUNYIT 85-83 Mon, 20 Jan 2014 13:54:32 EST 76f20e2e-6241-4e53-9512-456c20223b49 CSE Swim Beats Gallaudet, Falls to Cazenovia http://www.cse.edu/permalink/2f090686-bb96-4ca4-a46a-4d73eabaaf79/69545 CSE Beats Gallaudet 133-128, falls to Cazenovia 155-122 Mon, 20 Jan 2014 12:09:32 EST 2f090686-bb96-4ca4-a46a-4d73eabaaf79 CSE Blows Past Cobleskill for 6th Straight Win http://www.cse.edu/permalink/92ad51c3-9abf-4f66-91a9-a0c33d8d26d8/69545 CSE beats Cobleskill 72-58. Fri, 17 Jan 2014 21:32:26 EST 92ad51c3-9abf-4f66-91a9-a0c33d8d26d8 CSE Outlasts Penn St. Abington for 5th Straight Win http://www.cse.edu/permalink/3cb4246d-318f-427b-ab3a-874da664ab78/69545 CSE defeats PSA 55-45 Tue, 14 Jan 2014 21:35:23 EST 3cb4246d-318f-427b-ab3a-874da664ab78 CSE Drops Cazenovia http://www.cse.edu/permalink/5a888d39-aee3-437f-b321-99beb211ccaf/69545 CSE defeats Cazenovia 63-53 Sat, 11 Jan 2014 16:03:14 EST 5a888d39-aee3-437f-b321-99beb211ccaf Cheyenne Grant Named CO NEAC POW http://www.cse.edu/permalink/aff696c9-387a-425c-b757-3fee982abbd1/69545 Cheyenne Grant Named CO NEAC Player of the Week Mon, 16 Dec 2013 14:45:02 EST aff696c9-387a-425c-b757-3fee982abbd1 Big Second Half Propels CSE http://www.cse.edu/permalink/05371578-6152-4573-8c80-410fdfb3579b/69545 CSE beats Old Westbury 81-72 Mon, 16 Dec 2013 14:40:52 EST 05371578-6152-4573-8c80-410fdfb3579b Basketball Game vs. Ramapo PPD http://www.cse.edu/permalink/98998805-62e1-40d5-9b1d-b32a64489dda/69545 CSE basketball vs. Ramapo PPD Fri, 13 Dec 2013 18:56:27 EST 98998805-62e1-40d5-9b1d-b32a64489dda Kelly O'Dell Named NEAC POW http://www.cse.edu/permalink/7f184710-fc50-4a92-8345-7e8c1675a08a/69545 Kelly O'Dell named NEAC POW for second time Mon, 09 Dec 2013 16:37:53 EST 7f184710-fc50-4a92-8345-7e8c1675a08a CSE Posts Strong Showing at Drew Invitational http://www.cse.edu/permalink/8be631c7-ae72-48d7-ac70-7637cf4c3bc0/69545 CSE finishes 3rd at Drew Invitational Mon, 09 Dec 2013 13:29:06 EST 8be631c7-ae72-48d7-ac70-7637cf4c3bc0 CSE Blitzes Past Penn St. Abington http://www.cse.edu/permalink/6251b1e7-607e-48e1-a3c8-fe925474f10d/69545 CSE wins 71-45 Mon, 09 Dec 2013 12:09:13 EST 6251b1e7-607e-48e1-a3c8-fe925474f10d CSE Rolls Past Penn St. Berks http://www.cse.edu/permalink/18079330-11db-4a4e-8f80-2b94d7d338be/69545 CSE Wins 85-68 Wed, 04 Dec 2013 21:48:35 EST 18079330-11db-4a4e-8f80-2b94d7d338be Pledger’s 32 Not Enough in Defeat http://www.cse.edu/permalink/6d23117f-893f-4725-8fcc-70395af14adc/69545 CSE loses 84-74 Tue, 03 Dec 2013 11:56:06 EST 6d23117f-893f-4725-8fcc-70395af14adc CSE Falls to Nationally Ranked FDU http://www.cse.edu/permalink/59fdc06e-0846-44b2-b1d1-0c3f7c9c49ec/69545 CSE loses 102-50 Tue, 26 Nov 2013 22:38:40 EST 59fdc06e-0846-44b2-b1d1-0c3f7c9c49ec Kelly O’Dell Named NEAC Student Athlete of the Week http://www.cse.edu/permalink/8d924d13-d072-4227-aa96-c01f364c489b/69545 Senior Kelly O’Dell has been named NEAC Women’s Basketball Player of the Week. Mon, 25 Nov 2013 15:38:39 EST 8d924d13-d072-4227-aa96-c01f364c489b CSE Basketball Splits Weekend Games http://www.cse.edu/permalink/3f39480c-ca40-4a7a-8c17-d0dd9b58fdc3/69545 CSE loses to Gallaudet 58-52. Beats Yeshiva 82-77. Mon, 25 Nov 2013 13:18:59 EST 3f39480c-ca40-4a7a-8c17-d0dd9b58fdc3 CSE Swimming Notches First Win of the Year over Cedar Crest http://www.cse.edu/permalink/27cae0e4-f7f8-43ea-9ab0-47092eb5960f/69545 CSE wins 102-61 Wed, 20 Nov 2013 13:14:23 EST 27cae0e4-f7f8-43ea-9ab0-47092eb5960f O’Dell’s Double-Double Helps CSE Cruise Past Cedar Crest http://www.cse.edu/permalink/49d3d182-0041-46ef-8a10-d3828160b80a/69545 CSE wins 71-53 Wed, 20 Nov 2013 12:50:04 EST 49d3d182-0041-46ef-8a10-d3828160b80a Student Athletes Attend SAAC Meeting http://www.cse.edu/permalink/0d7a0f0e-9120-499a-88ba-fa171f3b1702/69545 Student athletes attend SAAC meeting in Scranton, PA. Tue, 19 Nov 2013 13:54:51 EST 0d7a0f0e-9120-499a-88ba-fa171f3b1702 CSE Basketball Splits 2 at Centenary Tournament http://www.cse.edu/permalink/ab8ba602-a13d-4568-bd79-2023bc3bed6b/69545 CSE loses game 1, wins game 2 Mon, 18 Nov 2013 12:46:53 EST ab8ba602-a13d-4568-bd79-2023bc3bed6b CSE Drops Heartbreaker to Wells http://www.cse.edu/permalink/12b682ec-d06c-4c40-8073-36fb4099b8ed/69545 CSE Falls 48-47 Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:58:19 EST 12b682ec-d06c-4c40-8073-36fb4099b8ed Volleyball Year in Review http://www.cse.edu/permalink/89b60d9b-d490-41e7-ae8f-007bef09910e/69545 Volleyball Statistics from 2013 Fri, 15 Nov 2013 10:17:31 EST 89b60d9b-d490-41e7-ae8f-007bef09910e CSE Swim Falls to William Patterson http://www.cse.edu/permalink/cc6637d0-7b00-4f1c-95ca-bd80df331786/69545 CSE loses 53-38 Wed, 13 Nov 2013 19:52:07 EST cc6637d0-7b00-4f1c-95ca-bd80df331786 Maria Corall Named NEAC Swimmer of the Week http://www.cse.edu/permalink/f6be1a47-adc8-49b3-9b8f-a26320b65bc6/69545 Maria Corall name Swimmer of the Week. Tue, 12 Nov 2013 15:01:54 EST f6be1a47-adc8-49b3-9b8f-a26320b65bc6 CSE Swimming Wins Nail Biter http://www.cse.edu/permalink/bf841bb0-f299-4d02-9f53-91df08658ca5/69545 CSE Ties 44-44 Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:37:30 EST bf841bb0-f299-4d02-9f53-91df08658ca5 CSE Closes Out Season with Strong Showing at NEAC's http://www.cse.edu/permalink/acc59ab7-7d4c-4b22-840c-0909e44df80f/69545 CSE finishes in 10th place at NEAC Championships Tue, 05 Nov 2013 11:49:56 EST acc59ab7-7d4c-4b22-840c-0909e44df80f SCREAMING EAGLES FEND OFF MACCABEES TO NOTCH 17TH WIN http://www.cse.edu/permalink/17ae2cec-e167-44f9-b11d-c04cadb473d7/69545 CSE knocks off Yeshiva 3-0 Tue, 05 Nov 2013 11:01:38 EST 17ae2cec-e167-44f9-b11d-c04cadb473d7 CSE RUNS WINNING STREAK TO 5 WITH 3-0 SWEEP VS. YORK http://www.cse.edu/permalink/93eaff4e-1eef-4833-bdcf-5c292193868f/69545 CSE Wins 3-0 Tue, 05 Nov 2013 11:02:29 EST 93eaff4e-1eef-4833-bdcf-5c292193868f CSE Victorious on Senior Day http://www.cse.edu/permalink/11344ad1-855d-4d2c-b8ee-4bc9bf429d3c/69545 CSE wins 3-0 Wed, 30 Oct 2013 20:47:28 EDT 11344ad1-855d-4d2c-b8ee-4bc9bf429d3c Volleyball and Soccer Host Think Pink Night http://www.cse.edu/permalink/f742af35-c7f9-488e-bac0-faac72391c71/69545 Soccer, Volleyball host Think Pink night Tue, 29 Oct 2013 16:38:03 EDT f742af35-c7f9-488e-bac0-faac72391c71 Shorthanded CSE Falls to Hunter College http://www.cse.edu/permalink/7b931927-5683-4830-b26f-1446c708be39/69545 CSE loses 68-27 Mon, 28 Oct 2013 11:02:11 EDT 7b931927-5683-4830-b26f-1446c708be39 CSE Starts Slow, Comes Back to Beat John Jay http://www.cse.edu/permalink/1edd1d79-68a6-42ad-9091-73123b795490/69545 CSE beats John Jay 3-1 Thu, 24 Oct 2013 21:42:39 EDT 1edd1d79-68a6-42ad-9091-73123b795490 Fedorich Leads Offense in Defeat http://www.cse.edu/permalink/0df17c59-e1be-42dd-9e6a-ece7ad1dec52/69545 CSE loses 2-1 Wed, 23 Oct 2013 17:58:00 EDT 0df17c59-e1be-42dd-9e6a-ece7ad1dec52 Valient Effort not Enough in Loss http://www.cse.edu/permalink/22eaf1d3-b51c-4c43-8bf5-bbe8f0a463cc/69545 CSE loses 5-0 Sun, 20 Oct 2013 16:04:18 EDT 22eaf1d3-b51c-4c43-8bf5-bbe8f0a463cc CSE Soccer's Strong Defensive Effort Falls Short in Loss to Cobleskill http://www.cse.edu/permalink/7551aa27-c12b-42b2-8f52-f8bcb4a86126/69545 CSE loses 3-0 Tue, 22 Oct 2013 12:32:46 EDT 7551aa27-c12b-42b2-8f52-f8bcb4a86126 CSE makes it back to back wins http://www.cse.edu/permalink/abddfc49-35e2-41a3-b99b-4976d3dae399/69545 CSE beats Cazenovia 3-1 Tue, 22 Oct 2013 12:36:13 EDT abddfc49-35e2-41a3-b99b-4976d3dae399 CSE Drops Tough Game 1, Comes from Behind in Game 2 http://www.cse.edu/permalink/4d034439-435c-48c3-9af8-94376eec945f/69545 CSE loses game 1, wins game 2 Sat, 19 Oct 2013 08:22:38 EDT 4d034439-435c-48c3-9af8-94376eec945f Hot Start not Enough as Eagles Fall http://www.cse.edu/permalink/af87d5de-a561-4426-b6a4-2c0f99a50658/69545 CSE loses to Rutgers-Newark 3-1 Fri, 18 Oct 2013 18:52:47 EDT af87d5de-a561-4426-b6a4-2c0f99a50658 Fedorich, Lasko shine as CSE falls to Wells College http://www.cse.edu/permalink/229e1cac-12bc-43f4-9d29-dc3f64c24f8f/69545 CSE lost to Wells College 7-1. Wed, 16 Oct 2013 15:13:59 EDT 229e1cac-12bc-43f4-9d29-dc3f64c24f8f CSE Snaps Losing Streak with 3-1 Victory Over Staten Island http://www.cse.edu/permalink/a0037f1a-447f-428e-8e29-d30977b2c9a3/69545 CSE beats Staten Island 3-1. Fri, 11 Oct 2013 16:15:55 EDT a0037f1a-447f-428e-8e29-d30977b2c9a3 Screaming Eagles Fall a Couple of Key Points Short to Chargers http://www.cse.edu/permalink/19a7177c-af58-4a6c-87b1-0a21b1088f22/69545 Eagles stumble in loss to Chargers. Mon, 07 Oct 2013 11:49:08 EDT 19a7177c-af58-4a6c-87b1-0a21b1088f22 Eagles Rally in Third Set not Enough to Derail Lions http://www.cse.edu/permalink/a665ea8f-96da-4e3f-8e6b-71f15dc56a6d/69545 CSE falls to 8W-12: and 0W-5L in the NEAC. Mon, 07 Oct 2013 11:49:50 EDT a665ea8f-96da-4e3f-8e6b-71f15dc56a6d Eagles Fall in Straight Sets to the Bison of Gallaudet http://www.cse.edu/permalink/c66087fa-ae7a-49a9-8cd1-917be8b72fe5/69545 The Eagles fall to 8W-11L and 0W-4L in conference Mon, 07 Oct 2013 11:48:16 EDT c66087fa-ae7a-49a9-8cd1-917be8b72fe5 Screaming Eagles Come up Short Against the Lions http://www.cse.edu/permalink/9aba3a53-2589-4461-95af-a66c60b97400/69545 CSE falls short to Bryn Athyn 3-2 Wed, 02 Oct 2013 10:51:33 EDT 9aba3a53-2589-4461-95af-a66c60b97400 Eagles Drop 2 at Manhattanville Trimatch http://www.cse.edu/permalink/189a73c5-bb24-4923-9e51-c7ab591d143e/69545 Volleyball drops 2 in trimatch. Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:23:19 EDT 189a73c5-bb24-4923-9e51-c7ab591d143e CSE Upends York College http://www.cse.edu/permalink/bdba22aa-e015-4df6-9e2a-970c0e6c4a7b/69545 CSE volleyball beat York 3-1 Thu, 26 Sep 2013 12:28:25 EDT bdba22aa-e015-4df6-9e2a-970c0e6c4a7b Eagles Drop 3 in Opening NEAC Weekend http://www.cse.edu/permalink/8177b923-da66-4c4d-b588-86dce1b07376/69545 Saint Elizabeth goes 0-3 this weekend. Tue, 24 Sep 2013 13:01:05 EDT 8177b923-da66-4c4d-b588-86dce1b07376 Katie Cooper, Nicole Morera push Screaming Eagles in four-set win over visiting Valley Forge http://www.cse.edu/permalink/80ab5fb8-1162-4eb5-83e6-9dd294f77183/69545 Saint Elizabeth volleyball beat Valley Forge 3-1. Tue, 24 Sep 2013 12:03:38 EDT 80ab5fb8-1162-4eb5-83e6-9dd294f77183