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Hayley Holzhacker's Pony Party Bus - College of Saint Elizabeth
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Hayley Holzhacker's Pony Party Bus

Hayley Holzhacker's Pony Party Bus

Morristown, N.J. (November 4, 2016) – "Little Hooves, Big Hearts!"

That is the slogan of "Pony Party Bus," owned by CSE student Hayley Holzhacker, '18, business, which she just recently brought to New Jersey.

"I moved my business to NJ for expansion into the NJ area, to gain more opportunities, and to share my miniature horses and passion with everyone in other states!"

With the help of her two miniature ponies, Toast and Angel, she offers cart rides, grooming, and dress up activities at her events during the spring, summer, and fall. While Angel is giving cart rides, Toast is dressed up in all types of costumes and accessories. Children love spending time with Toast and Angel, making the "Pony Party Bus" perfect for children's birthday parties. But, people of all ages can enjoy the entertainment as well.

Reminiscing about her previous experiences, Hayley says, "I did a gentleman's 99th birthday party, and I've done a six-month-old birthday party, so it really varies from all ages. I get all kinds of clients so it's really fun."

Apart from her usual events, Hayley recently volunteered her business at a specialty children's care facility. She provided pet therapy to the patients at the hospital.

Between planning for each event, her marketing internship at C2G in Newark, New Jersey, school activities, and as president of the Business Club, Hayley finds time to do it all. Despite being very busy, Hayley perceives it all as a very rewarding experience.

"Being a college student and being a business owner is very beneficial to me as a person and everyone around me."

Hayley always strives to be a role model for her friends and family. By maintaining an optimistic, cheerful, and encouraging disposition, she makes a positive contribution to many around her.

She has sustained that spirit at a young age. As an ambitious 12 year old, Hayley introduced her "Pony Party Bus" idea to her parents.

Hayley explains, "I have always been an equestrian and a rider, but it always has been an inspiration for me to be a businesswoman." With help from her parents, who are sales and marketing professionals, she launched her business.

She also received some advice and guidance from the television show "Shark Tank". During the summer of 2015, Hayley auditioned for the show, waking up at four in the morning. Despite not pursuing anything further, she claims it was an amazing opportunity.

After years of hard work, Hayley's dreams are coming true, although at times there are obstacles, such as commuting to events. However, Hayley remains dedicated and devoted to the "Pony Party Bus".

To sum it up, Hayley says, "There has been some difficulties, but everybody has difficulties that you come across, it's a mission. Everybody goes on adventures."

Nonetheless, Hayley stays focused on her limitless array of dreams. In the future, Hayley hopes to see the Pony Party Bus everywhere! "I hope to see it really growing and expanding and having all types of miniature horse carts!"

She also wishes to have more party offerings and ponies to provide additional pony rides and pet therapy. Hayley emphasizes, "Basically more ponies because I love ponies! And some more pony sneakers; I'm dreaming really big right now."

Hayley continues to strive for success and encourages people to create their own adventures.

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