Cable Television

Television Services is responsible for the operation and programming of the College's cable television system. Access to the cable system is provided in all classroom and residents' rooms. We service both the college community and the local Sisters of Charity residences on campus.


We have 56 channels on the cable system, offering:

  • local broadcast stations from the New York City market
  • basic cable networks
  • a Video Bulletin Board channel showing announcements of events on campus
  • two local access channels showing all of our local programming, special programming targeted to college students, and theatrical release movies.

Our local access channels air original programming shot on campus as well as other television shows from the local community. CSE-TV 6 is also is the place to find first run theatrical movies from Residence Life Cinema.

A complete listing of our channels is provided each academic year to the resident students when they first check into the residence halls. Resident students who wish to connect tot he cable television system should bring a cable-ready television set.


Televisions connected to the cable television system are available in Saint Joseph Hall for all members of the CSE community in McGuire Lounge and Cafe Jose as well as in Xavier Center in the student lounge on the second floor.


In addition to the operation of the system, Television Services is also responsible for troubleshooting problems with the system. The Cable Television Trouble Voice Mailbox (ext. 2288) is the place to report all problems. Here the problem is logged and a Media Services staff member will help resolve the problem. All problems, residence hall and academic buildings included, should be let on the Cable Television Trouble Voice Mailbox.


What's on CSE's cable TV system today? Use these resources:

Zap2It: Enter our zip code and select College of Saint Elizabeth to view today's listings.

TV Guide: Enter our zip code and select College of Saint Elizabeth to view today's listings.