Data Access and Privacy

Acceptable Use Policy

Data Access and Privacy

  • Users must be in compliance with regulations involving the privacy and protection of personal and confidential data, as required by FERPA, HIPAA and other federal and state regulations. It is incumbent upon users to seek knowledge of and clarification of these regulations. Possible sources include:

    • The College's Employee Handbook.
    • HIPAA issues can be discussed with either the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, or the Wellness Center.
    • FERPA issues can be discussed with the Registrar.

  • Protection of personal data is not limited to electronic mediums; hard copy files containing personal data must also be protected to the same extent as are electronic files.
  • Entry into a system by individuals not specifically authorized (by group or personally) or attempts to circumvent the protective mechanisms of any College system are prohibited.
  • Unauthorized viewing or use of another person's computer files, programs, or data is prohibited.
  • College employees must ensure that any data they are responsible for, or have access to, is stored and used securely and is not disclosed or made available to any unauthorized third party. All personal data should be accessible by only those employees who have a specific business need to use it. Personal data is defined as any piece of information that can be used to identify a specific individual (i.e. name, address, social security number, phone, etc.).
  • Use of access rights or CSE account by someone other than the employee(s) to whom such rights are granted is prohibited. Never tell anyone (including OIS staff) your account password.
  • Users are responsible for backing up files stored on their computer hard drive. Critical data should be saved to College network storage space which is backed up on a regular basis.

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