College Residence Telephone

Telephone service provided to the residential colleges include these features:

  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Four-digit dialing for campus calls

New Students

Your phone will be working when you arrive on campus. In the fall when you check in, your college coordinators will give you your phone number and reference cards for telephone features including voicemail. However college residents need to sign up for off-campus service. Students will be provided with a secure PIN code that will allow them to make off-campus calls from dorm room phones or any available campus phones.

What I need to know about my service

Bring Your Own Phone

College residents will need to supply the telephone instrument for their room. For single occupancy rooms, there is only one telephone jack in which to connect your telephone. For double occupancy rooms, there will be two telephone jacks available. Telephone instruments must be analog.

Your Phone Number

Each student will have an assigned number that can receive direct-dial calls from outside College of Saint Elizabeth using 10 digits: (973)290-xxxx. As part of the campus telephone system, rooms can receive or make calls within CSE only using the four-digit extension, such as 4357 for Telecommunications Support.


Voicemail Instructions

Initial Voicemail Setup

1. Access your voicemail:

  • (on-campus): x4800
  • (off-campus): (973) 290-4800

2. Enter your initial password

  • 55 + extension (e.g., 554357)

The voice mail system will walk you through setting your new password. Please listen carefully to the prompts.

3. Set your personalized greeting:

  • At the main voicemail menu, enter "8" and then "2"
  • Follow the prompts to set your greetings. The external greeting is what people hear when calling you from off campus. The internal greeting is received when calling from on campus.


Dialing Instructions

On Campus Calls: Dial 4 digit extension

Off Campus Calls: Dial 9, 1 + 10 digits (Example: 9 1 973 290 4800). Students must enter their PIN codes for off campus calls (For PIN Code Customer Service Dial 7821 on campus, or 877-463-2627 off-campus.

Sending Fax from On Campus Fax Machines: Dial 77 + 10 digit phone number (Example: 77 1 973 555 4444)

International Calls: 9, 011, country code, city code if applicable, plus local number, then PIN.



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Contact Information

Telephone Services

2 Convent Road
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973)290-4357

Office Hours:
Mondays-Fridays: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Emergency Numbers

Police, Fire & Ambulance: 911

Campus Security:
On Campus: 4090
Off campus: (973)290-4090