New Students Information

Technology Guide for New Students



To obtain access to our technology services, you must officially be enrolled in a course at the college for the current semester.

Gain Access

Setup your CSE Account to set your passwords for logins to CSE E-mail, Moodle, Self-Service and CourseEval.

Check your Devices

Make sure your laptops, desktops and other computing devices meet the minimal compatibility requirements set by the college.

Connect to the Network

The College of Saint Elizabeth provides all students with free internet access on campus. Please follow the appropriate guides below to connect your computers to the network.

Residents Only: Connect your room phones

You can find Residence Hall Phone Instructions and Voicemail Access instructions at the Telephone Services page on this site.

Residents Only: Cable TV Information

We have a 55 channel cable television system, accessible in the residence halls.

  • There is one jack in each room – if two students bring TVs, they will need to buy a splitter so that both TVs can be hooked up in the room.
  • Splitters should be available at most stores selling televisions and VCRs.
  • Make sure the TV is auto-programmed to receive all of the channels (see your TV operating manual for instructions – the procedure will vary by TV manufacturer).

For technical support, leave a message on the Cable TV Trouble Voice Mailbox at extension 2288 and someone from Media Services will call you back to assist you.

Outside of the residence halls, cable TV is also available on the large screen TV in St. Joseph Hall in McGuire Lounge and in Café Jose as well as the Student Lounge on the second floor of Xavier Center. Cable TV line-up sheets should have been made available to resident students at check-in in the residence halls. Extra copies also can be downloaded from the Media Services Students Google site.

On-line at you can enter the zip code for CSE (07960) and find the current TV listings for the day.


Update Your Profile for Emergency Notification

The College uses a service called Send Word Now as one of several ways to reach students, staff and faculty in the event of an emergency on campus. College administrators are able to use this service to send voice recordings to cell phones, home phones and work phones. The service can also send e-mails and SMS text messages to cell phones. Please browse to the Emergency Notification page for details.


Help is available

If you need assistance with any of your technology, help is available to you. Please fill out a Request Help Form or go to the Help Center (Henderson Hall 210) for assistance.

Contact Information

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