Mission Statement

Department of Athletics Mission Statement

Along with all the other facets of the academic curriculum and extra-curricular programs at the College of Saint Elizabeth, the intercollegiate athletic program is educational in nature and well suited to co-exist with the mission and values statement.  Of particular relevance to the Department of Athletics: “With quality teaching as a primary activity and the development of leadership in a spirit of service and social responsibility for others, the College promotes a caring, personal environment where students learn by example as well as participation throughout their educational experience.” With this in mind athletics plays a vital role in the overall education and general character development of all the students on campus and the campus environment.

The student-athletes of the College of Saint Elizabeth participate in intercollegiate athletic programs for a variety of reasons.  None of these reasons include athletic related financial aid or awards or the promise of financial security through professional athletic stardom.  The student-athletes at the College of Saint Elizabeth continue to compete for the love of sport, the thrill of the competition and the fulfillment of the countless intrinsic values they achieve through their personal commitment to their institution, their team, their teammates and their own personal growth. This will be accomplished through activities and programs that:

Corrall Butterfly

  • Encourages participation in athletics
  • Attract and retain a diverse group of student-athletes
  • Attract and retain a skilled group of student-athletes
  • Encourages the development of “team players”
  • Encourages the development of individuals
  • Encourages excellence in the classroom
  • Keeps true to the Mission Statement of the College