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State of the College - 2014

Reunion Weekend 2014 Address: President Streubert

President Helen J. StreubertDuring Reunion Weekend 2014, members of the classes ending in 4's and 9's had the opportunity to hear Dr. Helen J. Streubert, President of the College of Saint Elizabeth, deliver the "State of the College Address."

In case you missed it, you can read President Streubert's speech in its entirety below.

Good morning and welcome on behalf of the faculty, staff, administration and, most importantly, the students of the College of Saint Elizabeth.

I want to first introduce or re-introduce you to the President's Cabinet. I ask that they each stand as they are introduced: The senior member of the team is Dr. Carol Strobeck, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs who will be retiring in just two weeks. Next is Kathy Buck, Vice President of Student Life. Maria Cammarata is Vice President for Finance and Administration. Carol Pisani is Special Assistant to the President for Mission and Values. Janice Hill is Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Bill Allen is Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management and is not able to join us this morning. Thank you all for the great work that you do daily on behalf of this wonderful institution.

I would also like to thank three people who are integral to planning and execution of this event – Debbie Martin, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, Kathy Culley and Robyn Leavy. Would you please join me in a round of applause for the great work these individuals have done to assure that you have a wonderful reunion.

I would also like to recognize the members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Would those who are here please stand: Mary Jane Meschino, Lorena Tyson, Barbara Parker, David Moran, did I miss anyone? Can we offer them a round of applause? Thank you!

Let me tell you a little bit about all of the great things going on on campus.

As you know, we are a College of approximately 1500 students. One-third of our students are in the Women's College; one-third are men and women in continuing studies; and one-third are men and women in our graduate programs.



In the area of Finance and Administration this past year, we have instituted some new opportunities to engage the CSE community in the new realities of higher education.



In the area of Mission and Values, there has been good solid work also.


Many programs and services are offered throughout the year, the highlights have been:


So that you will have time to hear all about the upcoming beatification, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about my report after this session or at any time over the day. THANK YOU!

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