Florence Wall Collection photoThe CSE Alumni Association was founded in 1919 with Marguerite McGrath Sullivan '13 as its first president. Since its earliest days, the officers and members of the Alumni Association had as its primary purpose, the advancement and support of CSE.

They worked tirelessly to transform the Association into a dynamic and vital organization. It became incorporated in 1957. Today, the CSE Alumni Association continues its work by offering programs and services which meet the ever changing and diverse needs of its members while promoting the welfare of the College.

The Alumni Association is dedicated to fostering a spirit of loyalty and pride in the college through its active chapters, regional outreach, special programs, events and services.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is to support the mission and promote the welfare of the College of Saint Elizabeth and the continued interest of its graduates in the college; to promote Catholic higher education; and to foster strong ties with administrators, faculty, students and friends of the college as well as maintain strong ties among the alumni.

Who Belongs to the Alumni Association?

Upon graduation you automatically become a member of the Alumni Association. Graduate students who have completed a year of work at the College, honorary degree recipients and all emeriti faculty are included as members. There are no dues or fees for membership. Presently, CSE has over 15,000 graduates living throughout the world.

Who Governs the Alumni Association?

The Executive Director of the Alumni Association is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Administrator of the Association. The Alumni Board of Directors oversee the work of the Alumni Association. There are four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are alumni who serve as Directors-at-Large and two Alumna Trustees who serve as Trustees of CSE.