How To: Format Papers & Citations

Style-Specific Help Guides

ACS Style icon ACS Style (American Chemical Society)
ACS Style Guide, 3rd ed.: REF 808.06654 A187
ACS Style Guide: Ch. 14

AMA Style icon AMA Style (American Medical Association)
AMA Manual of Style, 10th ed.: REF 808.0666 AM35
AMA Style Guide (Univ. of Washington)
Variations for Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Style

APA Style icon APA Style (American Psychological Association)
APA Publication Manual, 6th ed.: REF 808.06615 P96AP
Mahoney Library Guide to APA Style, updated 07/2008
APA: Spelling for Electronic Media Terms

ASA Style icon ASA Style (American Sociological Association)
ASA Style Guide, 3rd ed.: REF 808.027 Am35
ASA Quick Style Guide for Students

Chicago/Turabian Style icon Chicago/Turabian Style
Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed.: REF 808.027 C432
Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide

MLA Style icon MLA Style (Modern Language Association)
MLA Handbook, 7th ed.: REF 808.027 M685s
Mahoney Library Guide to MLA Handbook, 7th ed.

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  • CSE subscription, web-based research manager


  • Free, web-based bibliography builder

NoodleBib Express - MLA | APA

  • Free, web-based guided citation tool


  • Free extension for Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Web-based, but requires download