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Women's Studies Program

Dr. Lisa S. Mastrangelo
Program Chairperson
Santa Maria Hall
First Floor
Room 10D

Phone: (973) 290-4358
Email: lmastrangelo@cse.edu

Women's Studies

Overview & Mission

The Women's Studies program includes an interdisciplinary minor with a focus on gender and its role in society. Through a variety of disciplinary topics and representations, students who minor in Women's Studies acquire perspectives about the current status of women in the United States and worldwide. Such perspectives are vital for students to help them understand their own place in society and the world at large.

The mission of the Women's Studies Program is to provide students with the materials to critically examine constructions of gender in society. The Program is interdisciplinary, and includes perspectives on women's experiences and representations in history, art, literature, music, psychology, science, sociology, health, politics, and theology. In addition, students study theoretical and methodological approaches to feminist thought and gender scholarship.

In addition, the Women's Studies program hosts the Leadership program and the Leadership Minor. Students who participate in either offering will gain a greater understanding of themselves, a greater recognition of their commitment to others and a higher degree of initiative in undertaking projects. The knowledge gained through these leadership development opportunities will benefit the student in their chosen career field(s) as well as throughout their entire lives.

Student Outcomes

A minor in Women's Studies will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Women's roles, contributions, and status in social and cultural contexts
  • Women's contributions to history as well as current social/historical/political practices
  • Key figures and concepts in feminist study
  • Reading texts and images through the lens of gender

A minor in Leadership will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Leadership qualities and how those qualities shape effective leaders
  • Leadership theories and practices
  • Leadership strategies and how those strategies impact group dynamics
  • Historical and modern-day leaders and how their influence affects local and global communities

In addition, minors will be able to:

  • Understand and be able to critically reflect on the behaviors and definition of leadership/leaders
  • Identify local and global community needs and take appropriate action
  • Understand how complex differences such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, age and gender impact relationships and the building of leadership
  • Value diversity of opinions and perspectives and be able to promote cooperation, collaboration and team-building
  • Actively pursue and engage in leadership opportunities

Women's Studies Program

Requirements for a Minor in Women's Studies

Required Courses

  • WS105 Introduction to Women's Studies (4)
  • WS395 Seminar in Women's Studies (4)

Students must choose three courses from the following:

  • ART239 The Feminine Aesthetic
  • ENG209 Women in Film
  • ENG239 Women's Literature: A Different Voice*
  • ENG315 Seminar in Literature and Cultural Context: Women and/of War*
  • ENG315 Seminar in Literature and Cultural Context: Contemporary Latina Writers*
  • HIS245 Women's History
  • JUS201 Women and the Criminal Justice System
  • JUS341 Women and the Law
  • MUS121 Women's Works: The Lives and Music of Female Composers
  • PE235 Women's Health
  • PHIL230 Women in Philosophy
  • SOC251 Sociology of the Family
  • SOC399 Special Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Women
  • WS255 Honor's Multidisciplinary Seminar: Multicultural Gender Studies
  • WS299/399 Special Topics in Women's Studies

Total: 18 credits

*A maximum of eight credits can be taken in literature.

Requirements for a Minor in Leadership

A minimum of 18 credits are required.

  • LDSP111 Becoming a Leader (1)
  • LDSP205 Leadership Dynamics (1)
  • LDSP210 Applied Leadership (1)
  • LDSP301 Leadership Theories (1)
  • LDSP305 21st Century Leadership (2)
  • LDSP310 Diversity and Leadership (2)
  • LDSP401 Leadership Senior Seminar (4)

Total credits: 12 credits

Students enrolled in the Minor will need to complete 2 elective courses. Below is a list of approved electives:

  • COMM205 Communication Strategies for the Workplace (3)
  • WS200 Feminism in Global Perspectives (4)
  • COMM223 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)
  • COMM224 Presentation Skills (3)
  • WS299/399 Special Topics in Women's Studies (4)
  • ENG204 Writing for the Workplace (4)

Additional electives will be considered and approved by the Director of Community and Leadership Development.

Leadership Program

  • LDSP111 Becoming a Leader (1)
  • LDSP205 Leadership Dynamics (1)
  • LDSP210 Applied Leadership (1)
  • LDSP301 Leadership Theories (1)

Total credits: 4

*Students enrolled in the Leadership Minor and Program are required to complete several co-curricular requirements.

For more information, contact the Director of Community and Leadership Development.