Undergraduate Contact Information

Political Science Program

Dr. George Sirgiovanni
Program Coordinator
Santa Maria Hall
Second Floor
Room 29

Phone: (973) 290-4305
Email: gsirgiovanni@cse.edu

Political Science

Overview & Mission

The study of Political Science provides information and perspectives pertinent to a range of regions and time periods.  An awareness of political concepts and interpretations of political events past and present is vital to being an informed American and global citizen in today’s challenging and fast-changing world.  

Flowing from the Mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth, the Mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth’s Political Science Program is to provide a curriculum that fosters students' understanding of political science, in the expectation that this knowledge will enhance their comprehension of present and future political events, conditions, and trends in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Student Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate broad knowledge of political issues, institutions, history, and ideas.
  2. Demonstrate the analytical-reasoning skills needed d to evaluate political-science material. 
  3. Demonstrate the skills needed to write substantive papers on political-science topics.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to speak effectively about political-science subjects.
  5. Apply the skills acquired from the Political Science Program to post-collegiate endeavors, such as graduate school and employment.   


Students who minor in Political Science obtain excellent preparation for careers in law, government service and public policy involvement, and business.  Some students choose to enter graduate programs in Political Science or related fields.

Political Science Program

Requirements for a Minor in Political Science

  • PS105 American Politics and Government (4)
  • Two of the following 200-level courses (8)

    • PS221 Law and Contemporary American Society
    • PS231 International Relations
    • PS251 Comparative Politics

  • Two of the following 300-level courses (8)

    • PS361 The American Presidency
    • PS371 American Constitutional Law
    • PS381 Political Thought

Total: 20 credits

* With the approval of the History Program Chairperson, students may take PS 400 Internship and apply it to the minor's 20 required credits. In such cases the Chairperson will determine which course requirement listed above will be substituted for by PS 400 Internship.