Undergraduate Contact Information

History Program

Dr. George Sirgiovanni
Program Chairperson
Santa Maria Hall
Second Floor
Room 29

Phone: (973) 290-4305
Email: gsirgiovanni@cse.edu

Overview & Mission

The History Program seeks to educate students about the most important historical concepts, facts, and interpretations pertinent to a range of regions and time periods. In so doing, the History Program endeavors to inspire among its students a life-long intellectual curiosity that will foster their future personal and professional growth.

Flowing from the Mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth, the CSE History Program's Mission is to provide a curriculum that fosters students' understanding of the past, in the expectation that this knowledge will enhance their comprehension of present and future events, conditions, and trends.

Student Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a broad-based knowledge of history.
  2. Demonstrate the analytical-reasoning skills needed to evaluate historical material.
  3. Demonstrate the research skills needed to write substantive papers on historical topics.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to speak effectively about historical subjects.
  5. Apply the skills acquired from the History Program to post-collegiate endeavors, such as graduate school and employment.


Students who major in History enter a variety of professions, including teaching, law, government service, and business. Some majors choose to enter graduate programs in History or related fields.

History Program

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in History

The History major consists of 36 credits, taken in the following manner:

100-level Course Requirements: 12 credits

  • HIS100 Survey of American History (4)
  • HIS110 Survey of Global History I (4)
  • HIS115 Survey of Global History II (4)

200-level Course Requirements: 12 credits

Three 200-level courses, taken in the following manner: one course from the American History group, one course from the Regional History group, and one Elective course from either group.

American History

  • HIS215 American Economic History (4)
  • HIS230 History with Film (4)
  • HIS235 African-American History (4)
  • HIS245 American Women's History (4)
  • HIS250 Special Topics in American History (4)

Regional History

  • HIS255 Latin American History (4)
  • HIS261 The Middle East (4)
  • HIS265 Asian History (4)
  • HIS270 Special Topics in European History (4)
  • HIS271 African History (4)

300-level Course Requirements: 8 credits

  • HIS300 Readings in American History (4)
  • HIS315 Readings in Global History (4)

400-level Course Requirements: 4 credits

  • HIS495 History Internship (2)
  • HIS490 History Capstone Seminar (2)

The History Program's Capstone Requirement will be completed by senior-year majors while they are enrolled in HIS 490 History Capstone Seminar, offered every fall semester. This Capstone Requirement will consist of a paper, a verbal presentation of that paper, and a test.

Total: 36 credits

Requirements for a Minor in History

The History minor consists of 20 credits, taken in the following manner:

  • HIS100 Survey of American History (4)
  • HIS110 Survey of Global History I (4)
  • HIS115 Survey of Global History II (4)
  • 200-level course (4)
  • 300-level course (4)

Total: 20 credits