Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Math - Mathematics Senior Cheyenne Grant

    Mathematics Senior Cheyenne Grant was the student speaker at the 2013 Fall Academic Convocation on Sept. 11th, and was the recipient of the Leadership award in mathematics from the alumni association. 

Program Offerings

Math and Computer Science is based in the liberal arts tradition - fostering a balance between academic theory and practical application.  Featuring small classes and dedicated faculty, we offer degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Computer Information Systems and a certificate in Computer Security. Our students embrace flexibility and change - developing problem solving skills and bringing ideas from other fields for individualized courses of study and real-world experience.


  • B.A. in Mathematics

    1. Rigorous curriculum
    2. Curriculum and scheduling designed to accommodate students’ needs
    3. Extensive Senior Comprehensive Experience
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  • B.S. in Computer Science

    1. Evening classes accommodating working adults
    2. Balanced curriculum with both theory and applications
    3. Internship opportunities
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  • B.A. in Computer Information Systems

    1. Evening classes accommodating both working men and women
    2. Balanced curriculum between computing and applications in business
    3. Internship opportunities
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  • Minor in Mathematics

    1. Requirements are designed to accommodate students from many disciplines
    2. Flexible offerings provide options for biology and chemistry majors
    3. Prepares students for the data driven world
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  • Minor in Computer Science

    1. Small classes and caring faculty with real-world experiences
    2. Flexible curriculum to suit student’s need
    3. Internship opportunities
    See Requirements


  • Computer Security

    1. Building foundations and developing skills for a promising career
    2. Internship opportunities
    3. Career path to high demand security professional
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Math and Computer Science offers diverse and rigorous courses intended to develop analytic and quantitative thinking, and fosters real-world problem solving skills in the technology sector.

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Graduates of the Mathematics and Computer Science program have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and are prepared to engage with the rapidly changing world of technology and its applications.

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Student Stories

Ashley Sicsko

2014, B.S. Math

"Everyone is really friendly and the classes are a really good experience ... Math especially has small classes so you really get to understand the material well."

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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Sandra Zak

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sandra Zak recently joined the mathematics faculty and comes to CSE with a great deal of teaching experience.

Contact Information

Dr. Jesse X. Yu
Program Chairperson

Phone: (973) 290-4067
Office: Henderson Hall
2nd Floor, Room 202D