Chemistry 207: Morristown Medical Center Emergency Room Mentoring Program

A joint program between MMC and CSE

Students accepted into the program work collecting research data and shadowing medical personnel in the Emergency Room


  1. Completed application document (including immunization records, TB tests , and background check) and being accepted into the program (MMC decision)
  2. Attend Orientation session at the start of the program
  3. Complete 48 hours of  work in the emergency room (12 shifts - 4 hours per shift) during the course of a semester
  4. Attend a day of lectures on gathering and processing  medical research data
  5. Pass a test on the material presented during the lecture
  6. Exit interview at the end of the semester
  7. Offered for 0 or 1 credit in the Fall and Spring semesters

For more information contact:

Dr. Elena Colicelli
Office- Room 216 A