• Science and Mathematics - Modern Science Labs

    Our newly renovated science labs provide students with modern SMART classroom facilities, a lap prep room and a 20-person lecture room adjacent to the labs – preserving our long standing tradition of excellence in students while encouraging new students to enter science programs.

Learning + Discovery = Innovation

There is no doubt that science, mathematics, and technology are becoming increasingly relevant in our advanced society. Top growth careers are looking for individuals who have the knowledge to analyze, troubleshoot, and provide innovative solutions to today's sophisticated challenges. Our area's programs and faculty prepare students in acquiring these skill sets through engaged learning and research opportunities within the field, including internships and workshops at both regional and national conferences – creating an open and inclusive environment that generates creative solutions and innovative new ideas.


  • Students have had opportunities of interning at such internationally renowned companies as Goldman Sachs and UBS Financial Services, L'Oreal, and Merck, among others.
  • Recent graduates have gone on to obtain their advanced degrees at such prestigious institutions as Cornell, Fordham, Georgetown, Purdue, Yale and Rutgers Universities, among others.

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