Academic Programs

Academic Study

Culture & Humanities

Our programs encourage students to explore the human experience through such activities as classes, lectures, film festivals, museum visits, theatrical and musical performances, and study abroad. Programs in this area promote critical thinking and clear expression of ideas through the study of a wide variety of topics in preparation for varied careers as well as graduate and professional schools. Read More

Health & Wellness Studies

Develop a mind-body-spirit approach in providing support, encouragement, and education to help people live a more holistic life. Students within our undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs explore various approaches in both direct and preventative health care applications, developing the administrative, ethical, and professional skills necessary for leadership positions throughout the field. Read More

Human & Social Development

United by an interest in improving the human and social condition, our programs in the social and behavioral sciences as well as pre-professional programs in education and business prepare students with the knowledge, skills and values needed to successfully promote individual growth and positive social change in the 21st century. Read More

Science & Mathematics

Embark upon learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. Our programs provide students with opportunities to engage in authentic learning, and research opportunities such as field work, internships, and workshops at both regional and national conferences – giving our students an edge in acquiring the skills needed for today’s sophisticated challenges. Read More