Founders Day

Mother Xavier Award Recipient

Patricia C. Bryant, '77 & '12

Patricia C. Bryant, '77 & '12

On Wednesday, December 4, the College of Saint Elizabeth proudly presented its coveted Mother Xavier Award to Patricia C. Bryant, '77 & '12, during its Founders Day Celebration and Christmas Concert held at CSE. Read More

Living Out the Spirit of Mother Xavier - Founders Day

Founders Day is celebrated each year as a reminder of the vision, courage, and faith of the College's foundress Mother Xavier Mehegan (1825 - 1915), who also found the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth in 1859.

At a time when a college education seemed an unrealistic hope for all but a few women, Mother Xavier, along with Sister Mary Pauline Kelligar, the College's first president, and other determined Sisters, bravely asserted that the day for providing higher education for all women had come. In 1899, with a student body of six, the College of Saint Elizabeth was officially approved as an institution of higher education for women.

The highlight of Founders Day is the presentation of the Mother Xavier Award, the most prestigious award given to a graduate. We also recall all those who form the cornerstone and foundation of the Sisters of Charity and the College of Saint Elizabeth.

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